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In my last post I talked about the principles of our founding fathers, and how many of the things that were happening in the mid to late 1700’s were happening once again. I’m going to share the paragraph again for review:

“…The colonies were now in peace and comparatively rich and prosperous. The great object of the English Government was to gather all the reins of power into its own hands, to tax the people in every adroit way in which it could be done without raising too loud a clamor, and to thwart the colonists in all their endeavors to secure popular rights. The tyrannical government claimed the right of appointing the governors, of removing the judges at will, of framing the laws, and of Imposing taxes at its pleasure; while, at the same time, the right was denied the Americans of being represented in parliament.” Pg 365

I find this statement that was written nearly two hundred years ago to be just as relevant today as it was then, and the century prior to that time. The first sentence really describes the state The US is in today. We have very little strife, comparatively speaking. People talk about the Iraq war and so forth. The price of oil and how we’re getting screwed by the big oil companies, who are purported to be Bush’s good buddies. You’ve heard the drivel as often as I have. But it’s all a matter of perspective. For instance, the wholesale price of tea has doubled over the last few months. When did they show the protesters at the gates of the White House demanding something be done? Have you ever noticed that demand, demon and democrat all start with dem? Hmm.

We are the most stable and prosperous country in the world. In relative terms there is little we could want for. We have little fear today that our borders will be invaded by a sinister foreign power. In the same way the Colonies had attained a voice of their own in the world. Foreign powers looked upon the fledging continent with favor and respect. But the British did not want us to be a power. They wanted to have complete control. Total authority. Nothing less would do, and so they sought to surreptitiously impose regulations and taxes, and keep us in a subjective position.

Many people do not realize today that the Crown was doing all this a little morsel at a time. It took the heroes that founded this country to stand up and say, “Enough.” Well, I’m standing up and saying enough too. We desperately need a government in this country, but we need a government that obeys the will of the majority. We do not need a bunch of cowards sneaking around, holding hearings behind closed doors and only allowing the evidence they want to hear presented. We do not need regulations and laws passed without allowing the public to provide fair input. There have been many doings in Augusta the past few years that fall into this category I speak of. Topics like bear baiting and trapping, the seatbelt laws, taxes and fees, gay rights, off track betting and so forth. The list is much to long to even hope to touch every item in what is left of my life time.

The second sentence, “The great object of the English Government was to gather all the reins of power into its own hands,” talks about the Crowns desire to have absolute control over the Colonies. The same thing is happening today. Regulations are being passed without discussion simply because an advisory spokesperson or committee says to. In the coming weeks I intend to present several actions taken by the State Legislature to support my position. I can’t say as I really like any of them, but laws have been passed and we must obey. But they can also be repealed as well, and that will be my goal. Fewer laws on the books, and to have public employees and officials to be required to be responsible for the outcomes of these actions, good or bad.

Well, back to my other writing projects. Time is too short, I fear to accomplish all I wish to.


Founding Principles

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I read an AP release in the Lewiston Sun-Journal of 27 May ’07 that George Mitchell gave an address to the graduates of the U of M Law School. Mr Mitchell was quoted as saying “…the nation was great before it became an economic and military power because of the Nations founding principles of equal justice under the law.” This is a great interpretation of our founding heritage, and an appropriate statement especially for this Memorial Day weekends commencements.

Many people believe this country fought for independence because of high taxes. While taxes were certainly an important part of the equation, it was far from being the most important reason. The Crown was imposing greater and greater controls over the Colonies, and refused to allow for any representation to the Government. Laws and regulations were being passed that were oppressive and infringed upon what our founding fathers felt were man’s God given rights.

Let me share here a paragraph from J.C. Abbott’s book History of Maine, written in 1875. This passage refers to the reasons for the war of the revolution.

“…The colonies were now in peace and comparatively rich and prosperous. The great object of the English Government was to gather all the reins of power into its own hands, to tax the people in every adroit way in which it could be done without raising too loud a clamor, and to thwart the colonists in all their endeavors to secure popular rights. The tyrannical government claimed the right of appointing the governors, of removing the judges at will, of framing the laws, and of Imposing taxes at its pleasure; while, at the same time, the right was denied the Americans of being represented in parliament.” Pg 365

Doesn’t this sound all too familiar? Under the founding father’s principles, the basis of our country came into being. They were well fed up with being over controlled and over taxed. The same thing is happening in the United States today. We are relatively rich and prosperous today. The government keeps taking more and more of our power away. The government keeps trying to tax us in every adroit way. Is that coffee I smell in the background? The citizens of this country are being controlled and our powers are being taken from us by our elected officials. We are allowing them to do this because of our indifference and lazy attitudes. We need to start paying attention to the people running for office, and demand that they do as we wish. They need to start removing laws protecting special interests from the books, and start governing according to the will of the people.

Equal justice under the law. A broad ranging statement, with finite meaning. All men are equal under the law. Special interest legislation removes this principal from the law. Today, when most lawsuits are brought before the bench, a defendant is only as equal as his political connections or his bank account allows. There are many instances whereby justice is thwarted because of an overwhelming need to satisfy these special interest regulations. But more on this later. This week I will be ranting about the administrations unlawful tax regulations. Breath in all the air you can. It won’t be long before the air consumption tax kicks in.

Here’s how the new constitution works…’We the special interest groups shall hereby rule the masses through a government of the special interest groups, by the special interest groups, and for the special interest groups, in order to form a more solid union of special interest groups.’ Get the picture?

Memorial Day

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As we come upon another Memorial Day, the newspapers are full of rhetoric and innuendo. It’s too bad these reporters can’t put their political biases aside and talk about the truth, even for this one day. The big news is about the recent bill President Bush signed regarding the Budget. The Democrats vowed they would stop the bill. They swore on their mothers graves that a deadline for pulling the troops out of Iraq would be a non-negotiable part of the bill. As I fully expected, the Democrats waffled their way to the back of the auditorium and cowered in the dark.

Now, don’t get me wrong here. I do not in any way support the Democrats feeling that the US should pull out of Iraq. The war in Iraq should be executed and planned by the military. It is not the pew sitters job to preach at the Pastor. The bigger problem here is not that Clinton and her cohorts didn’t get their way. The problem is that they are hiding the true agenda from the public, and everybody in Washington knows it. They don’t really care whether the troops come home or not. In their opinion, the troops are disposable baggage. The real effort of the Democrats was to disgrace Bush and the Republicans. Why do you suppose the Democrats lost the push to have their way? It was because it was wrong. Hillary Clinton is wrong. Kennedy is wrong. The Democrats who sided with the Republicans did the right thing.

This Memorial Day the personal feelings and petty bickering should be put aside. Every war has it’s critics. Protestors against the Presidents have been around since Washington’s days. Y6ou would think we have progressed far enough as a society to put an end to the crap these politicians keep shoveling onto our dinner plates. We need to take a moment, even if for just one day out of the year to give tribute to the soldiers who have fought and died, just so we can maintain the freedom to criticize the President. It’s an overused adage but we need to remember that “freedom isn’t free”.

We need to remember that Iraq was not a land of the free under Saddam Hussein. If we allow these types of governments that rule by tyranny to flourish, what future do we have as a free society? Are we going to continue to let the special interest groups dictate to the congress what they can and cannot do? When are we going to start returning to a government of the people, by the people, and for the people? We need to look beyond the latest poll results and start listening to our consciences. We need to learn what freedom is. We need to learn to experience freedom. We need to regain the freedoms we have lost by allowing laws and regulations to be passed that protect special interest groups and their incomes.

We need to once again become the United States of America. The greatest Democratic Republic in the world. Why is it we are allowing other countries to control our destiny?

Tax relief for Mainer’s. That’s what the headline says in the 23 May 2007 Portland Press Herald, pg1. The article tells about how we are going to get a cut in taxes on one end, but a bunch of new taxes are going to be imposed. The supporters are singing a pretty song, but the melody stinks and the words don’t fit the tune. Here’s the basic lowdown as I read it in this article. There are some tax cuts that have been proposed. “A broader tax cut would be more stable and would raise enough money for an income tax cut of $330 to 340 per filer, which would promote economic development….” This is a quote by rep. John Piotti of Unity. He’s a Democrat. He’s also Co-chair of the taxation committee. No big surprise there, huh? The feeling seems to be that out of staters are going to pick up the tab for all of these new taxes they want to impose.

Lets look at the taxes that are proposed for a moment. The taxes listed are wholly directed to the service industry. If the measure(s) pass, personal care services, real and personal property services, installation and repair services, transportation and delivery services, amusement, entertainment and recreational services will all be taxed. That means you will be paying a tax on everything from getting a hair cut, to getting an oil change, or even taking a taxi to work. Out of staters are not going to be footing the bill my friends. You and I will be footing the bill. This bill is being disguised as a way to offset a possible reduction in income taxes. Hah, hah, hah! Do these democrats think the public is that stupid? These are services that you and I use every day. Out of staters are going to get screwed with the increase in the food and lodging tax from seven to ten percent as it is. They’re not going to come to Maine if we keep rooking them for more money.

Isn’t it about time we start to hold these legislators responsible for the taxes they collect? Exactly where is all of the money they collect going? We need to know what the money is being spent on. The accounting needs to be complete and public. Why is it that the taxes keep increasing? Why is it that expenses don’t get reduced. When you or I run into a problem at home, we cut expenses to make ends meet. We don’t get a raise every time unexpected bills come due. Why should our elected representatives be any different? When it comes time to vote for these people, pull your wallet out, and your checkbook and take a look at it. Look real close. Then picture these people taking them from you and emptying them. That’s exactly what we’re coming up against. Taxes in Maine are out of control. They are out of control because we refuse to make these elected officials toe the line and control the state’s expenditures. Let’s call them on the carpet and show them who really pays the bills around here next time.

I believe I may start looking into the actual feelings of all of the legislators and candidates. Maybe come up with a questionnaire on different issues. Not he usual political poll type fluff, but how do they stand, exactly? We need to start learning more about these people. After all, we do pay their salary and benefits. I’ve got lots more to go on about, but that can wait till tomorrow. Until next time, salute, good comrades.


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This piece is about an article outside of Maine. But one day it could be Maine, if we are not careful. The 22 May 2007 issue of the Portland Press Herald had an article concerning illegal immigration. It seems that in New Bedford Mass, a factory was raided by the federal government. 361 workers were suspected of being in this country illegally. That’s a lot of people, even in an area as densely populated as New Bedford is. So they’re going to tell me that there were/are 361 illegal immigrants working in the same factory, and no one knew about it?

I hate to see it happen, but every one of those people should be sent back to the country that they came from. It’s sad to see the little children suffer the way they do in these circumstances, but it isn’t right that the parents should be allowed to come into this country, and not be deserving of it. Millions of people come into this country every year the legal way. They fill out the forms and jump through the hoops, and everything is fine. No problem with that. But what I’d like to know, is why do people allow this to happen? 361 people are not easy to hide. Employers know it is wrong to hire undocumented people, so why do they continue to do so?

Would these immigration problems continue in as severe a state if the penalties were severe enough to make an employer think twice before hiring someone? I find it hard to believe that an employer could hire that many illegal’s and not know what they were. Why was nothing mentioned in the article about the employer? What will happen to them? What is their punishment? Are they going to be an example to encourage the hiring of illegal’s, or an example to stop the practice.

The bigger question is, why is there even a need for illegal immigration? With so many people out of work and on welfare in this country, why isn’t there some way of putting theses people to work?

Going back to yesterday’s post, another article in the Portland Press Herald was about the highest wage jobs. According to the McClatchy News Service, the mean annual wage for anesthesiologists was $184,340, surgeons $184,150, obgyn’s $178,040. It listed others, but you see where I’m going. It also mentioned that nurses made an average of $28.71 per hour. It seems kind of ludicrous to hear these doctors complain about the insurance companies when they’re making that kind of money. It takes most people 8-10 years to make that much money.

Those are the people who can least afford the medical care, and they’re the group that need it most. When are poor people going to start getting what they need? This Maine Care crap and other types of hole patching liberal hand outs are not going to make the problem go away. Poor people are as sick as they are because these rich doctors want them to be kept in poverty. These rich doctors don’t want poor people to learn how to take care of themselves. The poor people are paying for their fancy cars and homes. Not to mention the vacations and garbage they like to flaunt. How about a program that makes doctors give free labor to the poor? What about donating to programs to teach poor people how to take better care of themselves, without having to suck off the welfare system their whole lives.