A beutiful day in the neighborehood

Posted: 09/05/2007 in Uncategorized

It’s a gorgeous day for a change. It’s a day off from my regular job and it is sunny! About time. I was going through email prior to posting todays entry. There seems to be an awful lot of junk mail coming through. I can’t believe these scam artists are trying to get people to cash checks from them because they live in a foreign country. If they want to lunder money they sholud just go down to the corner laundrymat.

It’s been over two weeks since I last turned a tv on. Feels good. I also have my book “The Book of Shadows” ready to go. It turned out pretty good for my first book. It’s only a few pages but it has some nice photos and poetry Ive done. Make one feel satisfied to accomplish something like that.

I was going to a sandwich shop to get a sub for supper last night and this little girl drove her Jeep over two curbs and a patch of lawn instead of taking the street. I wonder wish session of driver ed teaches that maneuver.

And then this morning I’m halfway across the street in a crosswalk. Almost everybody stopped for me. It is required to stop for pedestrians in crosswalks in Maine. This older guy in a Saab just breezes on by. Gave me the finger when I caught his eye. Must’ve been one of those liberalies from away.


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