Baldacci and Cabelas, Fort Dix

Posted: 11/05/2007 in Uncategorized

Update to the Fort Dix terrorist plot:

Reading an AP release I see that more information is available regarding the plot. One item in particular stands out amongst the article to me. A 24 year old man named Agron Abdullah, “… was familiar with Fort Dix because it was the first place he landed when arriving in the United States as a refugee from Kosovo…” Ain’t that a fine thank you. We give this guy asylum and protection from discrimination in Kosovo, and how does he thank us? He wants to destroy the very power that allows him freedom of religion. If he hated the US so bad, why didn’t he go back to Kosovo? I wonder if we should strengthen the immigration laws? Maybe we should stop giving welfare to immigrants, and make them pay for their own entry into this country. I don’t mind helping somebody who truly needs assistance, but c’mon now. How long is this going to go on before the Liberalies realize that they are on the target list. Once they take over these liberal minded churchgoers won’t be going to church any more. There won’t be any. Wake up and smell the Jihad people!

On the front page of the Brunswick Times Record is a headline titled “MMA, governor’s lawyer speak out against ‘transparency’ bill”. No big surprise on this one. Heaven forbid Comrade Baldacci allows people to see the information we are paying for. According to the article, the bill would “…make it easier for people to get their hands on government reports, records and even e-mails generated by state agencies…” If there is something oddball going on shouldn’t we be allowed to hear about it? And if nothing oddball is going on, why would an official refuse to make the requested information available? Is there something to hide?

A blurb in the “news service reports” talks about seized weapons in Somalia. There were 106 anti tank mines, 48 RPG’s,460 hand grenades and other small arms. At least they didn’t make it here.

In state news the proposal for changes in the slot machine revenue plan is being argued against. Good for them. The state sucks enough money out of us as it is. I don’t think they should take any more than a 5% sales tax away from the enterprise. After all, once you put your money in the machine, you have no guarantee that you’ll get any back. You’re the one taking the risk. And besides, aren’t you going to have to pay income taxes on your winnings? Goes to figure that you can’t trust the good Comrade to keep his end of the bargain. Baldacci brokered a deal with Penn National and now he wants to change it. Sure there are other names on it. But you know who’s behind it all.

So heeeere’s the big news! Cabelas has created a tax plan. Up till now, they have resisted the unlawful attempts of the Maine state legislature to tax us to death. In violation of the Federal Constitution they (the state of Maine) want to impose taxes on purchases made in other governmental jurisdictions. If I go to New Hampshire and shop to avoid paying sales taxes, the Augusta Socialists have no right to collect taxes. Nor do they have the right to collect taxes from purchases made in any other state. If they want Maine businesses to tax sales in their Maine operations, that’s one thing. But if they try to collect taxes we make in another state, that is controlling when and where and how we live. Great for Communist China maybe, but this is the USA. That’s United
of America. Not one state, but many. Since when does an individual state have the right to conduct ones business in another state. Since the people who love freedom in Maine became outnumbered by the people who would rather be sheeple. It’s too bad that an icon like Cabelas had to cower before the good Comrade.


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