Tom Allen and Bears

Posted: 11/05/2007 in Uncategorized

Like I said, I’m going to become vocal about my opinions about the upcoming political races. We read in Wednesdays papers that Tom Allen is going after Susan Collins seat in the Senate. Is he an appropriate candidate for me? Not in my book. He has shown repeatedly that his philosophy is closely aligned with socialist philosophy. He’s all for a big government with central controls and higher and higher taxes to pay for it all. The Portland Press Herald has a headline on the front page that says ” He is running as a war and tax-cut foe….” It will be interesting to see what kind of mud gets tossed back and forth with this one.

In other news I see on the front page of the Kennebec Journal a headliner about bear trapping. These people just don’t know when to give up, do they? The article notes that Skip Trask, spokesperson for the MPGA, says ” their agenda goes way beyond bear trapping….” He’s got that pegged right on the nail head. Maine has a foundation of hunting. It’s part of our tradition. These anti gun nuts are trying to obfuscate the true issue of their agenda by coddling the animal lovers. They claim it’s inhumane to kill an animal. Tell that to the cow that the leather their shoes were made of came from. See what she feels about the issue. It’s inhumane to purposely kill anything. Duhhh. But ask your self this, what are you going to do when an animal population exceeds the environments capacity to support it fails? When the bears start getting diseased from malnutrition what are you going to do? When they become immune to fearing humans and they break into your home to get at the food they want what are you going to do? You’re going to have to kill them. Of course, since they will already be sick, they will be needlessly suffering. Wouldn’t it be better to control the population by hunting and trapping? If the bears start to become inferior, their genes will start to produce inferior cubs, and so on until the bears will no longer be able to reproduce and they will die off. How’s that for inhumanity?

Getting back to kids, I read that a 19 year old was arrested on charges of murder and assault with a deadly weapon. Apparently the kid was involved in a dispute over a Play Station game console and game. So, one man is dead, and two others wounded over a video game. I must be missing out on something. I wouldn’t have thought that a little game would be worth killing somebody over. Maybe the anti gun nuts should think a little more about the groups they target. I wonder if Sony Play Stations should be banned? Is a bear of more worth than a Human?

Hey! The price of gas went down a tad yesterday. I paid $292.9 per gallon, where last week I paid $299.9. Surprising when you consider that Nigerian militants pulled off three separate attacks on pipelines Tuesday. Brent Crude closed up $1.12 to make it $65.56 per barrel. Seems the militants want to shut down the oil producing infrastructure so the poorer regions can get a bigger share of the oil wealth. Makes sense to me. Shut down an industry that’s making money so you can share a bigger part of the money that won’t be coming in because you can’t produce oil anymore. These guys apparently are not familiar with democracy. Or the term, “debate”.

TTFN as the tiger says.


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