Guns and Bathroom Cameras

Posted: 12/05/2007 in Uncategorized

(from the 11 May 2007 newspapers)

Sometimes when I get writers block I like to play a little computer solitaire game called La Belle Lucie. It can be pretty fast paced if you want it to. But it makes one focus on what you’re doing at the moment. Many is the time when I clicked on reshuffle, just as I saw a move that may have won the game. Have you ever noticed how often we fail to focus on what we’re doing, only to realize too late that we should have done something different? In the next round of elections I think focus on the issues and candidates should be the primary factor in our decision making process. Let’s leave the slick card games to those who wish to subvert the process in favor of their special interests, shall we?

I noticed a couple of gun related incidents in the area this week. According to Lewiston’s Sun Journal a 78 year old convicted drunk drive, in a fit of road rage, pointed a gun at a women after she passed him. The story says he sped up and passed her, pointing the handgun at her while passing. She had passed him previously because he was driving to slow. He was arrested at gunpoint in Lisbon, by Lisbon police. Up in Rangeley, a man who was to be arrested on suspicion of arson turned a gun on himself as law enforcement officers entered his home. I just want to say, thanks for helping out the anti-gun nuts up in Liberalville. They just love stuff like this. Brings to mind that internet ad where the turtle is pushing a laptop across the yard. Turns around and says to the wife, “You push it! Mumbles You push it real good.”

There are a lot of little irritations that we can’t do anything about. Like this for example. Let us say you are at the Maine Mall shopping. You put your keys in your left pocket so that you will know where they are. You make a conscious effort to be sure they are in your left pocket. So you go shopping and get loaded up with bags and boxes of stuff you wanted, but really didn’t need. When you come out, it’s starting to sprinkle, and your car drove itself about fifty spaces further away from where you actually parked it. When you finally get to your car you shuffle the bags around so you could get to your keys, which are in your left pocket. No keys. You panic because you lost your keys. The bags are placed on the ground or on top of the car while you fish around for your keys. Turns out the keys were in your right pocket. How did that happen?

Hey! How’s about the dude with the cameras in the bathroom? Front page of the Kennebec Journal. This idiot in Farmingdale had been using a wireless camera setup to record his family in the bathroom. Is this guy strange, or what?

The Bear Trap Ban was rejected by a vote of 11 to 1 by the committee Thursday. See Tom Allen and Bears. It’s predicted that it will fail in the legislature as well. I hope it does. This is another case where people from away come here and try to make Maine be like the place they just came from. I hate when they do that. I mean, these folks may be decent at heart and all, but they came here because they liked what they saw, usually. What’s the point of moving to Maine if you’re just going to turn around and make it like the place you moved away from? Usually because they disliked where they came from. Not even going to think about that one. Talk about headaches.

In another KJ article the .75 cent increase in the tobacco tax was mentioned. I don’t think it ought to be raised. It’s high enough as it is. Too high, actually. Buried in the article though, (pg.B6) is the point about State employees insurance costs. As of right now, we taxpayers are footing the insurance premiums for these people at a rate of 100%. Every single penny of their insurance premium is paid for by you and me. Uh-huh, 100%. And these ungrateful ykw’s (that’s you know what’s) are complaining that they might have to start pitching in 15%. We’re still paying for 85% of it. How many of you people get that kind of benefit at your place of employment? Maybe we should replace the normal state workers with people who would be grateful to have a job that pays more than the market wages in most of the trades represented?


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