Hippies and Iraq

Posted: 14/05/2007 in Uncategorized

I turned on the TV last night for the first time in over two weeks. I was having one of those writers block attacks and was grasping for an idea. I usually watch the History channel. Last night they were running the Nostradamus piece for the thirty seven millionth time. But I noticed an ad they were running for a show they have coming up. The show is about hippies. Interesting subject. But it brought to mind the Viet Nam war protests that they used to stage between their drug parties.

These same hippies are the same people that are opposing the war in Iraq. They oppose the war in Iraq not because of the war, but because they want to remove someone who loves freedom from office. Where were all these protesters when Billy Boy Clinton was abusing his position in the White House? War protests have been going on for millennia. Very few people actually want armed conflict, but as long as there are two or more human beings alive on this planet, there will be war. It’s part of life.

It’s disturbing to see that these same ‘free love’ hippies have grown up to be today’s politicos pushing their agendas onto everyone else. Arrogantly proclaiming that their way is the best way. These people are responsible for most of our tax woes today. The executive in the next office, lawyers, doctors, tradesman, and politicians. They’ve grown up and become real citizens. But they secretly push the dogma of Socialism on an unsuspecting public. Too often we refer to people as Republican, Democrat, or some other political tag. But what we really should be looking at when we survey a potential candidate is whether the person in question believes in true democracy, or if that person prefers the collar of Socialism.

Today we all feel the burden of excess taxation and ever increasing control by an increasing government. These people keep pushing laws and regulations to suit their own agendas without regard to any other persons needs or wants. The numbers of laws increase every year. Special interest groups keep getting more and more money from us in the form of government grants. But these grants are picked from the citizens pockets against their own will.

The era of big Government has instilled in the younger generation today a feeling that taxes are a part of life. But this is wrong. The laws on the books today are wrong. The politicians are wrong. The Government is wrong.

The one thing people seem to have forgotten over the years is that Socialism is an evil way of life. It takes freedom away a little piece at a time, and people don’t realize this until it is too late. We need to remember that the face of Socialism frequently masquerades under the makeup of Liberalism. Liberalism removes the need for responsibility. Responsibility is the key that keeps us free. I see that freedom disappearing because of the increase in Liberalism in The US today. The most blatant exhibit to this is the poverty population. People who are well able to work and bring an income into the home are encouraged to not work. Welfare will pay their rent, telephone, cable and anything else they need. Have more kids and get a bigger welfare check. Don’t get married, but live with your boyfriend and you’ll get an even bigger cut of the tax pie. Then you can complain and claim discrimination because you are unable to get a credit card.

I find it interesting that many of the philosophies promoted by the communist countries are being implemented today in the United States. And at the same time, many of these countries that used to embrace communism are running away from it. But both sides are running headlong into the middle ground of Socialism. My fear is that we will never be able to recover from this trend. The only hope we have is to start paying closer attention to what our elected officials are doing behind our backs. Start holding them accountable for the votes they make. I’d like to see a law passed that prohibits riders from being placed on bills being voted on. These riders are insidious little creatures that are sucking the life out of this nation. Many times good regulation becomes corrupted because of all the little attachments these sneaky adult hippies want to worm through into law.

Call on the people you elected into office. Ask them what they are doing. Ask them who they are doing it for.


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