Security and electric bills

Posted: 14/05/2007 in Uncategorized

The 13 May issue of the Kennebec Journal, Sunday edition, had an article about security at the State House. According to Paul Carrier, the writer, the State purchased $28,000 worth of metal detectors and screeners in 2004 with some money from the Homeland Security funds. This equipment has never been installed, much less used. It seems pretty incredulous that we let these people get away with wasting that kind of money. I mean, $28,000 compared to the total budget of the state may seem like peanuts, but we’re talking about the price of a brand new vehicle here. Would you spend $28,000 on a car and then stick it in the barn under a tarp?

In his column of 13 May, Cal Thomas suggests that our security needs to be improved by tougher laws. Our laws are already pretty tough, but we just don’t enforce them. Like the unused equipment in the State House, we refuse to utilize what is available to us. Why do we have illegal immigrants in this country in the first place? Mr. Thomas reports that a group of Imams that were passengers on a U.S. Airways flight had been reported as behaving suspiciously. These Imams want to sue the passengers. (Maine Sunday Telegram,pgc3) If they have nothing to hide, why do they wish to sue? Intimidation in the courtroom has become the Liberalies main weapon of choice. Whenever a decent American wants to do what is right, they want to sue. Had these Imams been proud Americans, they would’ve congratulated the passengers for being brave enough to report suspicious activity. Or, at least I would’ve thought so.

Somebody mentioned to me this week about the Electric Companies deregulation of a few years ago. We had been discussing whether it is better to leave fluorescent lights on all day, or just use them when needed, in a commercial building. They were glad that CMP is keeping the prices low. I don’t know if anybody noticed, but electric bills have been steadily increasing year by year. The deregulation bill was supposed to introduce competition into the marketplace and keep prices down. I hate to say this, but I don’t see any competition. Sure, you have CMP to distribute the power. And yes they should get a fair price to cover costs and make a profit. They do, and they make a very good profit. They are owned, by the way, by Energy East. FPL,(Florida Power & Light) bought out the generating stations and equipment from CMP. They make the electricity that CMP distributes. And yes, they should get a fair price to cover the costs of generation and make a profit. They are owned, by the way, by Energy East. And so on and son on. Exactly where is the competition in this whole energy distribution scheme?

While sitting on my porch this evening there were quite a few Osprey flying around. It’s great to see such numbers of these birds. There are times when I can watch as many as six or eight within a couple of hours. And at the same time at least three Bald Eagles. Last year a pair gave birth to two eaglets nearby. So far this year I have seen three together. No Idea whether it is the same family or not, but who cares. It’s cool just to sit and watch these magnificent birds do their thing.


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