Proud Mainers?

Posted: 15/05/2007 in Uncategorized

I’ve been working on a new book these last few weeks. I’ve learned a lot about the many lives of the State of Maine during my research. And I’ve learned that the spirit of Maine is dying. Maine used to be a state rich with heritage. A state that defined the word ‘independence.’ That independence is gone, and I fear it shall never return. With the growth of the state came an influx of ideas, morays and philosophies that were at one time hated and shunned by the hearty souls known as Mainers. We have now come to embrace these philosophies. Lenin would’ve been proud.

We can still be proud and independent when we want to, but the wanting to has been on the wane for several years now. We bow down and follow the leader into who knows what kind of mess. Time after time. We Mainers need to start charting our own course. We need to return to our roots and become that fierce, independent community of leaders again. Whatever happened to people who could be likened unto George Mitchell? Edmund Muskie? James Longley? Margaret Chase-Smith? What of all the other leaders that have arisen from Maine. We may not have had a President from this state, but we have had many people who have helped guide Presidents in one way or another. As Memorial Day approaches we should pause and consider the direction Maine is traveling in. Do we really want to follow the rest of the Nation into all the little quagmires that keep growing and embroiling turmoil in this country? Wouldn’t it be better if we could present a unified political team that could work together to develop solutions?

On another note, an AP report claims that the State may “beef up security at the Capitol”. We’ll see. Check back a couple of posts for the story.

Another AP release says that a gun rights group is going to hold a drawing to raise money for two gun shops that New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is suing. I hope they raise enough to hire some top notch attorneys. Why am I bring this up? What does New York have to do with Maine? Except for all the crud that moves here and drags their liberal garbage with them, nothing. But here’s the problem.

Michael Bloomberg is Mayor of New York City. He claims these dealers are “… a major contributor to violent crime in New York.”(source AP) So he sends undercover officers into their shops to buy guns. They were to make what the officials call “straw purchases” in where a person buying a gun is buying it for someone else. Ok, this sounds all well and good. Bloomberg sends a couple of his trench coats downtown to make some phony gun purchases so he can put a couple of legitimate, taxpaying businesses out of business. I don’t have a real big problem with that, but guess what? These two gun shops are located in Virginia. What gives Bloomberg the authority to send a New York city cop to another state to conduct an unlawful sting operation? Doesn’t the Federal Government have an agency to do that? I believe it’s called the ATF? And by what authority can he sue these people under?

The big point is, if Bloomberg is allowed to get away with this sham of a legal operation, who’s to say Comrade Baldacci won’t try to pull a similar stunt. He’s already violating the Federal Constitution by taxing purchases you make in another state. These politicians work for us. Isn’t it about time we tell them how it’s going to be? The governors jurisdiction is the State they were elected in. They have no business crossing State lines to wield their own particular brand of Justice.


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