Popham Vs Jamestown

Posted: 16/05/2007 in Uncategorized

Here’s one that ticks me off pretty bad. On 15 May 2007 a hearing was to be held to discuss an act to provide funds for the coordination and promotion of Popham Colony’s 400th anniversary. Excuse me boys and girls, but that date is in about four months from now. The actual date has just a tad of question, but it was in August of 1607 when the members first set foot ashore on Hunniwells Point. Or thereabouts. Their first encampment was actually on Stage Island. Why have you people waited so long?

This is a good use of our tax dollars. If the people in charge had started promoting this event last year, we could have garnered a large share of tourist dollars. As it is, most history tourists are planning to go to Jamestown instead. Why is it the Liberals are quick to jump on every spare penny that drops off the counter to encourage a wasteful society, but when an educational and beneficial event happens it’s always fed droppings from the dog dish? We need to start emphasizing an education for everyone. And I don’t mean a college pass for everyone, but we need to get people to learn about our heritage. Maine has a rich history, but we’ve lacked braggarts in this state. Only by developing a culture where the past becomes as important as the future can we begin to learn where we should be going.

I know this sounds like another ‘support my special cause’ routine, but we really need to get reacquainted with who we are as a people. We seem to have forgotten who we are and where we have come from. Maine was once a proud and independent state, a leader and innovator. We need to regain that place in history. We need to start bragging about what we have and can offer.


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