Decadent Decades

Posted: 18/05/2007 in Uncategorized

I’m going to complain again about kids in the workplace. I went to a local fast food joint for supper tonight. I ordered a small onion ring, two cheeseburgers and a large coffee. I had to repeat the order three times before she got it all. She seemed to be more concerned with flirting with the boy on the other side of the counter than with taking care of the customer, me. So I’m standing there waiting for my order. They put up the onion rings and burgers under the warming lights. This guy saunters up to the counter. Apparently he’s a teacher at the school she goes to. He gives her two game pieces for two different free food items. I thought you could only use one per purchase, apparently not. But guess what? This little kid gives the guy my onion rings. And of course, since she’s cheating the system, no more orders are called up. So I have to wait for another order of onion rings to be cooked. Meanwhile, my burgers get a little on the cool side. This sort of thing happens too frequently in the workplace. We need to get rid of the kiddies labor laws. Why should a company be able to get away with paying children less than minimum wage?

If these companies had to pay full wages, would they hire children to work for them? I think probably not. I’ll bet that there would be more adults in the workplace if we deep sixed the laws allowing children to work in regular employment. I don’t want to keep beating on a torn drum, but things weren’t like this when I was younger. In the summer I mowed lawns to make money. In the fall I picked potatoes. After that came leaf raking. And then along came snow shoveling for the winter. In the spring there was fiddleheads and rock picking on the farms. There was always some kind of work a young person could do without having to hold an adults job. Other kids did house painting, cleaning, odd jobs and baby sitting. It was a good way to teach the importance of responsibility and accountability.

It’s sad to see the deterioration of society over the last few decades. Things kids are doing today would have never been done when I was that age. Sure, there were bad people and we did some bad things back then, but there was still an attitude of respect for most things. You did stupid things to things that you owned. You didn’t steal somebody else’s property and do stupid things to it.

People who did bad things were set aside and ignored by the rest of the crowd. Punks were punks, and everybody knew who they were, and they were treated with no respect. They didn’t deserve it then, and they don’t deserve it today. Today people who do stupid things are frequently hailed as some kind of hero by their peers. It’s not cool to damage some one else’s property. No matter how you look at it, it’s just not a thing to do. And because of the change in the moray’s of this society today you end up with children who don’t appreciate what they have. Because of that they exhibit an attitude of indifference. They don’t care. And why should they care? After all, they have no responsibility to answer to anyone else, do they? Perhaps the educators should start teaching about responsibility and accountability in school life. But we can’t have that now, can we. Like I mentioned before, as long as a sense of personal responsibility exists in a society, a Socialist Government cannot fully exist. And that is what these one time hippies that are now teachers want to live under. A cradle to grave society where you can do what you want and not have to be responsible for your actions.

Comrade Baldacci wants to institute a centralized school system. Hmm. Where have we heard the term centralized before. Oh yes. That’s right too. The communist governments of the world use that term to describe their method of controlling the population. China, Viet Nam, and so on. Are we really going to have a better society by allowing the government to have as much control as they want? Or is it going to become worse? My guess is that it will only become worse. I don’t recall who originally made the statement, but corruption begets corruption. If we continue to sit on our butts and toss beer cans at the TV, we will lose control, and become the controlled. Pay attention to what these people running for office this time around are doing behind the scenes. Don’t listen to what they say, watch what they do.


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