Driving Maine

Posted: 18/05/2007 in Uncategorized

The weather was kind of rainy today. Just great for supporting good attitudes. I noticed a lot of really bad drivers on the road today. Most of the plates were from away. No big surprise there. Light turns green, people in the right lanes go. People in the two left turn lanes go. Moron in front of me just sits there. Tennessee plates. Volvo. Talking on a cell phone. Sigh. So I came up with an idea for improving the turnpike.

Just north of the village of Kittery we start to rebuild it into a great big loop. Curve it around so that the north bound lane becomes the south bound lane. We build three or four toll plazas to break up the monotony of the drive. That way these idiots from out of state won’t realize that there aren’t any exits. Before they realize it they’re back in New Hampshire, and they’ve paid a few dollars in toll fees to maintain the highway. They got to see some Maine scenery; we’ll tie out a couple of moose here and there for ambiance. Maybe build a marsh or two to attract waterfowl and the like. Works fer me. Of course, we’ll have to have one exit for Kittery so we can soak ’em for all those tax dollars.

But to be serious, driving habits today are atrocious. There is absolutely no reason somebody needs to be talking on a cell phone while driving. If you want to talk, pull over to the side of the road for crying out loud. And why is the speed limit ignored? Have speed limits become an option? It’s especially bad at intersections and where lanes are reduced. When the light turns yellow, why do people speed up so they can beat the red light? Why is it people coming up to a red light will go through if the person ahead of them runs it? There were four cars that went through a light while it was green in the other direction today. Good thing I’m not the type of driver to jump when the light changes. I would’ve been toast.

And I can’t count the times I’ve been passed when the line was a solid yellow. That means no passing for you out of staters. What about these bozo’s that pass you and pull into a driveway in a couple of hundred yards or so? How much longer before society degrades to the point of no return? In
Guns and Bathroom Cameras (12 May)I mentioned an incident where a 78 year old man pulled a gun, in a fit of road rage on a woman who had passed him. She passed him because he was driving to slow, according to the article. I wonder what it’s going to take to put an end to this sort of thing.


This sort of thing segues right into the work ethic of people today. It’s not just drivers, it’s everywhere. Ethics and attitude are walking away hand in hand. I just hope they’re not planning on leaping off a cliff together someplace. How come nobody brings up this change in our society? My theory is that a socialist society cannot work if there is even a hint of personal responsibility present in that society. If we need to take responsibility for what we do, we’ll act more responsibly, won’t we? But if we don’t need to be responsible for our actions, then who cares what we do? After all, isn’t everyone else doing it? Screw the laws; we need to start thinking of our neighbor, in spite of what the Liberalies want you to believe. Running red lights, talking on the cell phone while driving and speeding is stupid. No matter how you cut the cake. Start acting responsibly. Think about others first. That’s how the opposition wins you know. One piece of cake at a time.



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