Jamestown Vs Popham Colony?

Posted: 18/05/2007 in Uncategorized

Special Post of 17 May 2007

Jamestown Vs Popham Colony. It took 400 years but the battle is finally here. And guess who’s going to loose. That’s right, Maine is once again on the cutting edge of losing. This past week I read a notice of a legislative hearing that was to discuss allocating funds for the Popham Colony anniversary, and promotion of the event. What is going on in the minds of some people. Jamestown had their celebration sewn up in a burlap bag ages ago. Why is Maine so afraid to spend money on an event that is truly deserving of the funds? We have absolutely no problem supporting some liberals idea of a necessary welfare program, but we fail again and again to credit, and promote Maine’s rich heritage.

Plymouth Colony in Massachusetts has long been taught that it was the first permanent colony in America. We know that this is not true. Jamestown was settled over a decade before the Plymouth Colony was. But at the same time as Jamestown, Popham Colony was being established. The down fall is the settlers ran away after a year of hardships. But even before the Popham Colony was the French settlement at St. Croix and even before that the French had constructed a temporary settlement on the Penobscot river. In 1556, in his writings, Andre Thevet referred to a French fort being built before he sailed on that river, sometime in the 1540’s.

But we disgrace ourselves by ignoring our own history. We have much to learn from the past, and we will fail to progress to the future if we continue to disregard this heritage of ours. I urge everyone to support their local Historical Societies. Visit them and contribute to their existence. And urge your representatives to support the advancement of the past in Maine. Bring the past to life as we say at Remember ME! Media. Try learning a little bit about Maine. It’s actually pretty interesting. For more info or assistance go to http:www.remembermemedia.com.


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