Democrat Vs Republican, Round 1

Posted: 19/05/2007 in Uncategorized

I’ve been on a rant about personal responsibility lately. And with good reason too. There are a lot of problems going on in this country. Areas of difficulty that were never as aggressive in complaint as today. And I’ve linked that to a loss of an attitude of responsibility towards society. I blame a lot of this attitude shift on people who like to call themselves Democrats. I believe a large part of the problem with politics today is the fact that we adhere to a two party system Democrats and Republicans. Because of this reason, many fringe philosophies enjoin with one party or the other to take an active part in establishing their own brand of government.

The war in Iraq has caused a great deal of contention in this country. War has always been a dividing factor between two components of any civilization, and it is no surprise that there is division over the course of this country in Iraq. But this helps to support my feelings and theory of responsibility. The democrats seemed to be adamantly opposed to the presence of US troops in Iraq. Political advertisements in opposition flooded the airwaves for months. Either the troops would come home or Bush would have to go. Impeach Bush was a favorite slogan. Even today I see bumper stickers and lawn signs promoting the dismissal of president Bush. Funny that there wasn’t any when Billy Boy Clinton was licking cigars after sex with the intern in the oval office.

You see, the problem here is that the Democrats are not so concerned about having our soldiers in Iraq. Truth is, they really don’t care if these boys come home or not. The issue with them is getting rid of Bush, not ending the conflict in Iraq. Events of the past week have born this out. This past Wednesday the Senate had a chance to pass the glorious bill that would shut down the operation in Iraq. For several months the debates wore on, the Democrats on one side of the argument, Republicans on the other, and neither wavered towards the center. And the Democrats finally had their chance to defeat Mr. Bush, and they blew it. The measure was defeated 67 to 29 in the Senate with 19 Democrats opposing the measure, along with 47 Republicans.

I would think that if these Democrats were really in opposition they would have taken the responsibility to vote in favor of the measure. The reason they didn’t is because Bush would have vetoed the bill. In addition to that, it would have meant proving to the Nation that they didn’t really care about the Military, Freedom and the safety of US citizens. And they weren’t about to show their true colors. Cowards never do. Like I’ve said before, responsibility is an essential part to correct advancement of any society. These Democrats are afraid of responsibility. If they weren’t, they wouldn’t have cared less about how the polls made them look. They would have done what they felt was the right thing to do. Fortunately, they did do the right thing. But it wasn’t their intention, they did what they felt was safe.

These Democrats that split with the party line knew that the majority of the population, in spite of what the liberal leaning polls say, actually support George Bush and the war on terror. Had they voted in favor of the measure they would have been voting to deny support to our countries sons and daughters that are doing the job they’ve been assigned. Cutting off funds and support for the military would have been devastating during the next elections. Defeating Bush became less important than saving their hides. I presume that they also probably don’t wholly support the liberal cause as well. Good for them. We really should start getting rid of the Democrat and Republican labels at start looking at politicians in regards to their stance towards implementation of a Socialist society.


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