The Grapes of Wrath

Posted: 21/05/2007 in Uncategorized

I’m watching an old movie while writing this morning. I don’t normally watch much TV anymore. It’s mostly crap. But this movie is The Grapes of Wrath. I turned it on just before they got to the California state line. The family pulls over to the side of the road and gets out of the truck. At this point of the story, Grandmas getting pretty well on so she stays in the truck with the mother. Mother says “Look Grandma, its California.” Grandma looks out the window across the Colorado River and spits at it. Nice old lady. I think I would have liked her if it was real life.

But the movie brings up a story that is relevant even today. Poor people have always been around. It may be somewhat different today. We tend to keep them under the rug so as not to make us feel guilty about being so well off. The welfare system does a great job at hiding these poor people from us. It used to be if you needed food assistance you could get a stack of food stamps. Nowadays you get a debit card so people think you’re buying on a credit card like the rest of the country. Can’t have poor people embarrassed because they’re poor now, can we. Nor should they be. There’s nothing wrong with being poor. It’s part of life.

And that’s where part of the problem in today’s society exists. The Socialists, under the guise of Liberalism are changing societies perception of the classes. By instituting all of these welfare reform programs they can hide the real problems of being poor. And because the problems are hidden with all of these programs, the public doesn’t realize the problems are there. True to their socialist heritage, liberals want everyone to be equal. Every person needs to have a color TV, a new car, cable, and all the nice things that people who work hard for have. Is it right, or fair that all people should live equally? After all, doesn’t the Constitution purport that all men are created equal?

Yes, the Constitution does say that all men are created equal. Politically speaking, it does. Equality is something we all deserve, as far as equal treatment under the law. Equal rights does not mean that we all get an equal piece of the same pie. Equality means we all get treated the same when it comes to imposition and enforcement of laws and civil regulations. We do not get to eat the same meals and watch the same television and drive the same car. That definition of equality comes from the communist philosophy. For America to be a free state we must not all be treated fairly and equally under the laws, but we must share equally in the responsibilities the maintenance of this society requires.

That responsibility implies that we deserve what we work for. I haven’t got a problem helping people when they are down and out. I’ve been knocked down myself and needed a hand up. But I do not agree with allowing people to abuse the system, and to have the employees of that system to encourage its abuse, just to justify their need to be employed by the government. And that is what is happening in the welfare system today. People that are perfectly able to work are being encourage to not work, simply by punishing them when they do work. I’ve heard lots of stories about women with children wanting to work, but cannot because they lose their benefits if they get a job. The jobs are usually low wage, and the mother cannot pay for the care of the children and put food on the table, not to mention skyrocketing rental rates.

Helping people who are in distress, and down and out is the right thing to do. But instead of implementing burgeoning budget busters like welfare programs, why don’t we start helping these people out of the graves they are at the bottom of. Give them a ladder and let them climb out. Don’t shovel dirt in on them thinking they are going to climb out as the grave gets filled.


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