Michael Moore & Health Care

Posted: 22/05/2007 in Uncategorized

Well, interesting news kicking around this week. I notice on page two of the Kennebec journal an AP article about Michael Moore’s latest fib flick. I bring it up because the article claims he praises the health care system of Socialist countries, like Cuba. In one sense, I am glad he is lashing out at the insurance companies. They need to be severely lashed. But I believe he should be attacking the real problem in health care in this country. While the insurance companies are well worth being cut down a few notches, that is not where the cutting should start.

The lopping off of waste in the health care industry should begin with these sleazy arrogant liberal doctors who care about buying the latest Porsche model than they do about their patients. Take it from me. I have personal experience at getting screwed by that crowd of sob’s. They prefer to get the patient hooked on useless drugs, and then soak the insurance company for every penny they can squeeze out of them. And if you do not have insurance, it won’t matter because they won’t see you. They don’t really give a damn about the patient. They do not treat and diagnose according to a persons illness, they treat and diagnose according to a persons insurance policy.

People talk and criticize the pharmaceuticals for charging so much. Well, what if they were to stop producing all those freebie giveaways they use to bribe doctors into prescribing the months popular pill? And what about the billions of free samples they give to the doctors every year? How much waste goes into promoting a drug with each new release? And what about the older medicines? Many time they work just as well as the new stuff. Sometimes better. And they frequently cost a fraction of the new drugs. They are available, I know that for a fact. I also know that doctors won’t prescribe them. It’s too bad they have to be that way. I no longer have any respect or trust for the medical profession. They appear to be a bunch of greedy, arrogant snobs to me.

And don’t get me started on staff members like nurses and so on. Why is it when you go into a hospital wing the desk always have a bunch of those damn nurses hanging around gossiping, and patient up and down the hallway are in need of assistance? Why are they so lazy and self centered? They make a crap load of money, and barely break a sweat. They get the nurses aids and orderlies to do most of the work they used to get paid for. Now that they have an attitude, they get more money for less work. Insurance costs are so high because bills are payed with very little questioning. Have you ever received an itemized bill for medical care? If not, do you simply pay the bill?

I think if Michael Moore wants to rehabilitate the health care industry, he should start going after the truth. Attack the hospitals and doctors, not the insurance companies. After all, the insurance companies are paying the doctors off. If that changes, then the insurance companies will have to change. Michael Moore is a Socialist, like most of his cronies in Hornywood. He should smarten up and start trying to improve America instead of trying to destroy it. George Bush is not the enemy. Socialism is. The movie screen should be for entertainment and education. It should not be used for the process of dissemination of propaganda. Too many people are under the belief that if something is shown on TV or the big screen it is the truth. They forget that Hornywood is about fantasy and fiction, not real life.


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