Posted: 23/05/2007 in Uncategorized

This piece is about an article outside of Maine. But one day it could be Maine, if we are not careful. The 22 May 2007 issue of the Portland Press Herald had an article concerning illegal immigration. It seems that in New Bedford Mass, a factory was raided by the federal government. 361 workers were suspected of being in this country illegally. That’s a lot of people, even in an area as densely populated as New Bedford is. So they’re going to tell me that there were/are 361 illegal immigrants working in the same factory, and no one knew about it?

I hate to see it happen, but every one of those people should be sent back to the country that they came from. It’s sad to see the little children suffer the way they do in these circumstances, but it isn’t right that the parents should be allowed to come into this country, and not be deserving of it. Millions of people come into this country every year the legal way. They fill out the forms and jump through the hoops, and everything is fine. No problem with that. But what I’d like to know, is why do people allow this to happen? 361 people are not easy to hide. Employers know it is wrong to hire undocumented people, so why do they continue to do so?

Would these immigration problems continue in as severe a state if the penalties were severe enough to make an employer think twice before hiring someone? I find it hard to believe that an employer could hire that many illegal’s and not know what they were. Why was nothing mentioned in the article about the employer? What will happen to them? What is their punishment? Are they going to be an example to encourage the hiring of illegal’s, or an example to stop the practice.

The bigger question is, why is there even a need for illegal immigration? With so many people out of work and on welfare in this country, why isn’t there some way of putting theses people to work?

Going back to yesterday’s post, another article in the Portland Press Herald was about the highest wage jobs. According to the McClatchy News Service, the mean annual wage for anesthesiologists was $184,340, surgeons $184,150, obgyn’s $178,040. It listed others, but you see where I’m going. It also mentioned that nurses made an average of $28.71 per hour. It seems kind of ludicrous to hear these doctors complain about the insurance companies when they’re making that kind of money. It takes most people 8-10 years to make that much money.

Those are the people who can least afford the medical care, and they’re the group that need it most. When are poor people going to start getting what they need? This Maine Care crap and other types of hole patching liberal hand outs are not going to make the problem go away. Poor people are as sick as they are because these rich doctors want them to be kept in poverty. These rich doctors don’t want poor people to learn how to take care of themselves. The poor people are paying for their fancy cars and homes. Not to mention the vacations and garbage they like to flaunt. How about a program that makes doctors give free labor to the poor? What about donating to programs to teach poor people how to take better care of themselves, without having to suck off the welfare system their whole lives.


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