Joke of the day, Tax Relief.

Posted: 25/05/2007 in Uncategorized

Tax relief for Mainer’s. That’s what the headline says in the 23 May 2007 Portland Press Herald, pg1. The article tells about how we are going to get a cut in taxes on one end, but a bunch of new taxes are going to be imposed. The supporters are singing a pretty song, but the melody stinks and the words don’t fit the tune. Here’s the basic lowdown as I read it in this article. There are some tax cuts that have been proposed. “A broader tax cut would be more stable and would raise enough money for an income tax cut of $330 to 340 per filer, which would promote economic development….” This is a quote by rep. John Piotti of Unity. He’s a Democrat. He’s also Co-chair of the taxation committee. No big surprise there, huh? The feeling seems to be that out of staters are going to pick up the tab for all of these new taxes they want to impose.

Lets look at the taxes that are proposed for a moment. The taxes listed are wholly directed to the service industry. If the measure(s) pass, personal care services, real and personal property services, installation and repair services, transportation and delivery services, amusement, entertainment and recreational services will all be taxed. That means you will be paying a tax on everything from getting a hair cut, to getting an oil change, or even taking a taxi to work. Out of staters are not going to be footing the bill my friends. You and I will be footing the bill. This bill is being disguised as a way to offset a possible reduction in income taxes. Hah, hah, hah! Do these democrats think the public is that stupid? These are services that you and I use every day. Out of staters are going to get screwed with the increase in the food and lodging tax from seven to ten percent as it is. They’re not going to come to Maine if we keep rooking them for more money.

Isn’t it about time we start to hold these legislators responsible for the taxes they collect? Exactly where is all of the money they collect going? We need to know what the money is being spent on. The accounting needs to be complete and public. Why is it that the taxes keep increasing? Why is it that expenses don’t get reduced. When you or I run into a problem at home, we cut expenses to make ends meet. We don’t get a raise every time unexpected bills come due. Why should our elected representatives be any different? When it comes time to vote for these people, pull your wallet out, and your checkbook and take a look at it. Look real close. Then picture these people taking them from you and emptying them. That’s exactly what we’re coming up against. Taxes in Maine are out of control. They are out of control because we refuse to make these elected officials toe the line and control the state’s expenditures. Let’s call them on the carpet and show them who really pays the bills around here next time.

I believe I may start looking into the actual feelings of all of the legislators and candidates. Maybe come up with a questionnaire on different issues. Not he usual political poll type fluff, but how do they stand, exactly? We need to start learning more about these people. After all, we do pay their salary and benefits. I’ve got lots more to go on about, but that can wait till tomorrow. Until next time, salute, good comrades.


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