Memorial Day

Posted: 27/05/2007 in Uncategorized

As we come upon another Memorial Day, the newspapers are full of rhetoric and innuendo. It’s too bad these reporters can’t put their political biases aside and talk about the truth, even for this one day. The big news is about the recent bill President Bush signed regarding the Budget. The Democrats vowed they would stop the bill. They swore on their mothers graves that a deadline for pulling the troops out of Iraq would be a non-negotiable part of the bill. As I fully expected, the Democrats waffled their way to the back of the auditorium and cowered in the dark.

Now, don’t get me wrong here. I do not in any way support the Democrats feeling that the US should pull out of Iraq. The war in Iraq should be executed and planned by the military. It is not the pew sitters job to preach at the Pastor. The bigger problem here is not that Clinton and her cohorts didn’t get their way. The problem is that they are hiding the true agenda from the public, and everybody in Washington knows it. They don’t really care whether the troops come home or not. In their opinion, the troops are disposable baggage. The real effort of the Democrats was to disgrace Bush and the Republicans. Why do you suppose the Democrats lost the push to have their way? It was because it was wrong. Hillary Clinton is wrong. Kennedy is wrong. The Democrats who sided with the Republicans did the right thing.

This Memorial Day the personal feelings and petty bickering should be put aside. Every war has it’s critics. Protestors against the Presidents have been around since Washington’s days. Y6ou would think we have progressed far enough as a society to put an end to the crap these politicians keep shoveling onto our dinner plates. We need to take a moment, even if for just one day out of the year to give tribute to the soldiers who have fought and died, just so we can maintain the freedom to criticize the President. It’s an overused adage but we need to remember that “freedom isn’t free”.

We need to remember that Iraq was not a land of the free under Saddam Hussein. If we allow these types of governments that rule by tyranny to flourish, what future do we have as a free society? Are we going to continue to let the special interest groups dictate to the congress what they can and cannot do? When are we going to start returning to a government of the people, by the people, and for the people? We need to look beyond the latest poll results and start listening to our consciences. We need to learn what freedom is. We need to learn to experience freedom. We need to regain the freedoms we have lost by allowing laws and regulations to be passed that protect special interest groups and their incomes.

We need to once again become the United States of America. The greatest Democratic Republic in the world. Why is it we are allowing other countries to control our destiny?


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