Founding Principles, part II

Posted: 29/05/2007 in Uncategorized

In my last post I talked about the principles of our founding fathers, and how many of the things that were happening in the mid to late 1700’s were happening once again. I’m going to share the paragraph again for review:

“…The colonies were now in peace and comparatively rich and prosperous. The great object of the English Government was to gather all the reins of power into its own hands, to tax the people in every adroit way in which it could be done without raising too loud a clamor, and to thwart the colonists in all their endeavors to secure popular rights. The tyrannical government claimed the right of appointing the governors, of removing the judges at will, of framing the laws, and of Imposing taxes at its pleasure; while, at the same time, the right was denied the Americans of being represented in parliament.” Pg 365

I find this statement that was written nearly two hundred years ago to be just as relevant today as it was then, and the century prior to that time. The first sentence really describes the state The US is in today. We have very little strife, comparatively speaking. People talk about the Iraq war and so forth. The price of oil and how we’re getting screwed by the big oil companies, who are purported to be Bush’s good buddies. You’ve heard the drivel as often as I have. But it’s all a matter of perspective. For instance, the wholesale price of tea has doubled over the last few months. When did they show the protesters at the gates of the White House demanding something be done? Have you ever noticed that demand, demon and democrat all start with dem? Hmm.

We are the most stable and prosperous country in the world. In relative terms there is little we could want for. We have little fear today that our borders will be invaded by a sinister foreign power. In the same way the Colonies had attained a voice of their own in the world. Foreign powers looked upon the fledging continent with favor and respect. But the British did not want us to be a power. They wanted to have complete control. Total authority. Nothing less would do, and so they sought to surreptitiously impose regulations and taxes, and keep us in a subjective position.

Many people do not realize today that the Crown was doing all this a little morsel at a time. It took the heroes that founded this country to stand up and say, “Enough.” Well, I’m standing up and saying enough too. We desperately need a government in this country, but we need a government that obeys the will of the majority. We do not need a bunch of cowards sneaking around, holding hearings behind closed doors and only allowing the evidence they want to hear presented. We do not need regulations and laws passed without allowing the public to provide fair input. There have been many doings in Augusta the past few years that fall into this category I speak of. Topics like bear baiting and trapping, the seatbelt laws, taxes and fees, gay rights, off track betting and so forth. The list is much to long to even hope to touch every item in what is left of my life time.

The second sentence, “The great object of the English Government was to gather all the reins of power into its own hands,” talks about the Crowns desire to have absolute control over the Colonies. The same thing is happening today. Regulations are being passed without discussion simply because an advisory spokesperson or committee says to. In the coming weeks I intend to present several actions taken by the State Legislature to support my position. I can’t say as I really like any of them, but laws have been passed and we must obey. But they can also be repealed as well, and that will be my goal. Fewer laws on the books, and to have public employees and officials to be required to be responsible for the outcomes of these actions, good or bad.

Well, back to my other writing projects. Time is too short, I fear to accomplish all I wish to.


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