Founding Principles

Posted: 29/05/2007 in Uncategorized

I read an AP release in the Lewiston Sun-Journal of 27 May ’07 that George Mitchell gave an address to the graduates of the U of M Law School. Mr Mitchell was quoted as saying “…the nation was great before it became an economic and military power because of the Nations founding principles of equal justice under the law.” This is a great interpretation of our founding heritage, and an appropriate statement especially for this Memorial Day weekends commencements.

Many people believe this country fought for independence because of high taxes. While taxes were certainly an important part of the equation, it was far from being the most important reason. The Crown was imposing greater and greater controls over the Colonies, and refused to allow for any representation to the Government. Laws and regulations were being passed that were oppressive and infringed upon what our founding fathers felt were man’s God given rights.

Let me share here a paragraph from J.C. Abbott’s book History of Maine, written in 1875. This passage refers to the reasons for the war of the revolution.

“…The colonies were now in peace and comparatively rich and prosperous. The great object of the English Government was to gather all the reins of power into its own hands, to tax the people in every adroit way in which it could be done without raising too loud a clamor, and to thwart the colonists in all their endeavors to secure popular rights. The tyrannical government claimed the right of appointing the governors, of removing the judges at will, of framing the laws, and of Imposing taxes at its pleasure; while, at the same time, the right was denied the Americans of being represented in parliament.” Pg 365

Doesn’t this sound all too familiar? Under the founding father’s principles, the basis of our country came into being. They were well fed up with being over controlled and over taxed. The same thing is happening in the United States today. We are relatively rich and prosperous today. The government keeps taking more and more of our power away. The government keeps trying to tax us in every adroit way. Is that coffee I smell in the background? The citizens of this country are being controlled and our powers are being taken from us by our elected officials. We are allowing them to do this because of our indifference and lazy attitudes. We need to start paying attention to the people running for office, and demand that they do as we wish. They need to start removing laws protecting special interests from the books, and start governing according to the will of the people.

Equal justice under the law. A broad ranging statement, with finite meaning. All men are equal under the law. Special interest legislation removes this principal from the law. Today, when most lawsuits are brought before the bench, a defendant is only as equal as his political connections or his bank account allows. There are many instances whereby justice is thwarted because of an overwhelming need to satisfy these special interest regulations. But more on this later. This week I will be ranting about the administrations unlawful tax regulations. Breath in all the air you can. It won’t be long before the air consumption tax kicks in.

Here’s how the new constitution works…’We the special interest groups shall hereby rule the masses through a government of the special interest groups, by the special interest groups, and for the special interest groups, in order to form a more solid union of special interest groups.’ Get the picture?


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