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As a temporary aside, check out this AP headline, “Iran offers to train Iraqi security”. Yee haw! Translated into American-ese, the fox wants to be hired to watch the chicken coop. apparently they (Iranian officials) are willing to help train the Iraqis in exchange for something or other. Since the US Ambassador, Ryan Crocker declined to comment on what was said, we’ll just use our imagination to guess. My guess is pretty unpleasant. Whether the talks lead to anything beneficial remains to be seen. Of course, according to the article in the 29 May,2007 Portland Press Herald, Iranian Foreign Minister Manoucher Motaki said “the talks could lead to future meetings, but only if Washington admitted that its Middle East policy has failed.” Is Hillary Clinton scripting for this guy, or what?

To get back to the founding principals, the second part of the second sentence has a great bearing on this discussion. It reads “to tax the people in every adroit way in which it could be done without raising too loud a clamor”. That is exactly what is going on behind closed doors in Augusta today. The state issues laws that force us to have to pay taxes on almost everything we do. Many of these taxes are labeled fees, in the hopes that we are too stupid to realize we are getting screwed by the government. These taxes are steadily increasing in all areas of administration. Unfortunately for us, we have no choice but to pay them. Hundreds of different taxes have been levied upon us in the guise of the term “fee”. These include everything from licensing your car to putting a mattress in the dump. The State would like you to believe that these are just a fee to cover costs, but in reality, it is a tax. Here is what the Oxford dictionary defines a tax as:

tax (c) Oxford University Press *tax 1 /t ks/ noun [C,U] the money that you have to pay to the government so that
it can provide public services:

You see, the tax that you pay is for the services you receive. Private industry charges a fee for services and the government is not a private industry. The services you receive are trash collection, highway maintenance, protection such as fire and police, and so on. The public tends to get edgy when it comes to taxes, so the politicos call these taxes fees, and most people don’t have a clue. You should sit down and figure up what you actually pay to the government in taxes some time. I did that a few years ago, and nearly 46% of my wages went to pay taxes. You have a Federal income tax. Then you have a state income tax. Medicare and Social Security need to be paid. Sales tax on the purchase of general merchandise, 5% here in Maine. Then there is a 7% snack and lodging tax. That covers dining out and motel rooms. You have to pay a sales tax when you buy a car.

Even if you buy the car in New Hampshire, which has no sales tax. In my opinion this violates the tenants of the Federal Constitution. We’ll cover that one next week. Then there is the excise tax. And you have to pay a tax on your license plate. When you inspect your car you have an inspection tax, I call it the windshield tax. When you buy tires there is another excise tax. Then there is state and Federal taxes on each gallon of gas or diesel you buy. There are taxes for buying and selling property, along with the title taxes and transfer taxes. When you buy an appliance there is a disposal tax to be paid. If you smoke there is the discriminatory excess taxes on the tobacco. If you buy a boat or off road toy there are registration taxes. Hunting and fishing taxes. Gun and ammo taxes. Taxes for trapping, bow hunting, black powder hunting. Taxes to file for remodeling or repairing your home. You get the drift, I’m sure. We pay a lot more in taxes each year than we realize, simply because we don’t know that these fees are actually taxes.

So, to tax people in every adroit way. Adroit means clever and underhanded in plain English. The British Crown tried it in the 1700’s, and the current US Government is trying to get away with it today. When the next time the polls open for voting, think about how the people you elect are going to be treating your wallet. We’ll get our next chance on June 12th. Comrade Baldacci is proposing a combined package of $295 million in bonds this time around. The bulk of this round will be going to infrastructure improvements. Almost always a good deal because it provide income to the construction trades, as opposed to yuppie research firms that some other bonds have been proposed for in the past.

But check out LD 1876. This is a resolution to provide funds to an architect to study relocating state record to another building. This provides $100,000 to pay for a study to figure out what to do with a bunch of old records. $100.000? I’ll bet I could tell ’em where to put there records for a lot less money. I’d do it for free, actually. And this legislation was categorized under “untitled document”. Mighty adroit of them wouldn’t you say?


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