Politics of Taxes

Posted: 02/06/2007 in Uncategorized

I’ve been talking about taxes and governmental control. Let me start to relay some information to you to explain what I mean. According to the Tax Foundation, a non-profit organization, the estimated tax burden of Mainers is 14.0% of a persons income, which is second highest in the Nation, using 2004 figures. We paid $5,045 per capita in state and local taxes, $698 per capita in sales taxes and $882 in income taxes and $1,986 in property tax per capita. That adds up to $8,620 so far. On top of this, we paid the gas tax, cigarette tax if you smoke, property taxes, excise taxes on your vehicle and some parts. Also on your trailer if you happen to haul one. Either camper or boat, makes no difference to the state. 7.0% on dining out and snacks, and a hotel room if you stayed in one. And then you can add all those fees the good Comrade likes to collect, which are actually taxes.


I’ve read some different figures claiming to be estimates as to what a person actually pays per year in taxes, but could not verify which ones were most accurate. The numbers range from $12,000 to $15,000 per year in total government take from what you earn. The figure would be much higher for a person making more money, but the summary was for the average wage earner. In Maine the median income was just over $36,000. Funny, but I don’t know too many average people that make that much. Most of the people that I know make somewhere in the $25,000 to $30,000 bracket. I guess I just run with the wrong crowd or something.


But I found an interesting point in the data I read over from the Tax Foundation. According to their data, Maine received $1.40 cents back on every $1.00 of Federal tax collected in the State. Does that seem right to you? Is there any wonder that we are so deeply in debt as a nation? You can’t keep spending more than you make. It just isn’t right. You get into trouble doing that. Believe me, I know from personal experience what can happen. Maine’s state and local tax burden is the second highest in the nation. And yet the Feds give us more than they collect. Among the most expensive states in the union, and we have to take charity from others to pay the bills. I guess that may be why welfare is so popular here. New Hampshire received .67 for each dollar of Federal tax and Mass received .77. I hope they are happy supporting their impoverished little

Sister State.

We need to start reducing the tax burden in this state. Comrade Baldacci and his liberal buddies are intent upon creating a Socialist Nation here, and they are doing it by claiming to reform the tax structure here in Maine. That ain’t what they’s doing brother. They’re merely shifting the burden around onto other people so we think we are paying less in taxes. Remember this passage I quoted a few posts ago, “to tax the people in every adroit way in which it could be done without raising too loud a clamor,”. It happened to us over two centuries ago and it’s happening again. I urge everyone to start paying attention at the polls. Don’t vote for a Democrat or Republican, vote for somebody who will do right by the people of Maine. That is the real issue in any election.

Investigate the candidates and what they truly stand for. Research their past voting records if they have been in office. Demand to know how they will vote if elected. You deserve the best candidate your tax dollar can pay for, and that candidate is the one who will spend less of your money. Think of your wallet when you draw that curtain at the polls this month.


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