Founding Principles, part V

Posted: 05/06/2007 in Uncategorized

“The tyrannical government claimed the right…, of framing the laws, and of Imposing taxes at its pleasure;” our history lesson continues with another segment of the quote I posted from J.C. Abbott’s History of Maine. This book was published in 1875, and the segment quoted from was a monologue concerning the circumstances leading into the War for Independence. The current administration is behaving in the same manner as the Crown of England was two and a half centuries or more ago. Many of the laws enacted today are done so without the opportunity for the public to have an adequate input. Some are enacted simply because some committee recommends passage of the law. For instance, many of the public safety laws are enacted because the head of the State Police recommends the passage of them. Health regulations are recommended by other committees. The public has little or no chance to debate the validity of these laws and taxes.

When we elect a person to represent us in Augusta, we expect them to vote in favor of the bills we want to see passed. The candidates make promises to entice our support. Unfortunately, once they take their seats and are sworn in, a petty partisan battle usually takes precedent over common sense. The power exerted by the ruling parties overshadows the laws and what they imply. The business of the Legislator becomes a business of becoming re-elected. A business of favors and special treatment. The wish’s of the public at large become a minimal distraction. Votes are made dependent upon quid pro quo status, the actual verbiage means little in the greater scheme of things.

And then you have the issue of riders and tag along bills that are inevitable. Always a distraction, many laws get snuck in under the radar because they have been turned into a rider on another piece of legislation. When you have an environment whereby leaders can pretty much count on having the ability to pass legislation without regard to the consequences, you wind up with what we have today. A government that does what it wants to, simply because the people allow it to be able to get away with it. Take the insurance laws in the State of Maine. Years ago we had a problem with people driving without insurance. Accidents would occur, and the victims own insurance would have to foot the bill, or they’d have to cover the cost themselves. The industry lobbied for a bill to require every driver to have insurance in the state.

Now, in the first place a law like this should not be needed. Persons with a drivers license, or a registered vehicle, should have insurance anyways. It’s only common sense. And if they don’t have insurance, they should be required to cover costs on their own somehow. But unfortunately, many of those who did not have insurance were of low income and were frequently living on some kind of assistance program. So along came mandatory liability insurance. This insurance that everybody is required to pay for is supposed to pay up to a certain level of amount. All the victims costs would be covered. But you know what?

This isn’t true. The insurance industry went around the backside of the barn, and had some other laws passed to protect their interests and income. Do you realize that if you are hit by another vehicle, and you do not have liability coverage, you may end up losing your vehicle? If the repairs to your vehicle exceed the market value of your damaged vehicle, the insurance company of the person who hit you only has to give you the fair market value. Your vehicle is then considered salvaged and you lose the title on it. That’s right. You’ve lost your car. Even though you followed the law and had mandatory coverage, and so didn’t the other driver if they lived in Maine, you lose out because of the special interest legislation that was passed through under the radar as a rider.

It may well cost you more to find a replacement vehicle, and maybe the one you lost has a sentimental value money cannot cover. But that doesn’t matter. The legislators did as their buddies in the lobbyist industry wanted, without regard for the actual outcome. This happens with way too many of the laws that are on the books. Legislation is passed with total disregard for the eventual outcome. As long as the special interest groups are happy, that’s all that counts. Getting re-elected is job one in this State.

Comrade Baldacci and his Liberal bed fellows are destroying what Maine once was. Decades ago we were a well respected State, with plenty of leaders and innovators in all sorts of life, including politics. The Socialist agenda has turned us into a needy, poverty laden entity that requires handouts from the federal level to pay our bills. This should not be happening. We need to band together, and start removing these liberal representatives from office, and replacing them with people who will turn Maine back into the icon it once was.


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