Gimme a tax break!

Posted: 12/06/2007 in Uncategorized

That’s right, gimme a tax break. Aren’t I a special interest group? Or at least a special interest individual? Oh yes, that’s right. I’m not special enough o be able to hire a lobbyist to bribe the officials into voting the way I expect them to. The recent tax bill flurry circulating around has been one huge circus. Baldacci signed the bipartisan measure that is supposed to miraculously cure Maine’s tax problems. I’ve said it before, and I’ll continue saying it, these measures will not solve a single problem. At the very least, more problems will be created. Like I mentioned before, these measures will not reduce the tax burden. They will merely serve to redistribute the burden to other sources of revenue.

We, as a state really need to take a closer look at out revenue system. Where do we get our taxes from? What are these taxes charged on? Who gets to get away without paying their taxes? A good example is the ads we see on TV about getting relief from your IRS bill. While this is Federal and not state, the concept is the same. These lawyers claim they can get you out of paying your tax bill. The simple question it why, and how? If these people that owe taxes are really liable to pay them, why are they being allowed to get out of paying them? Why is there a tax amnesty gimmick? Is it because these taxes aren’t actually required to be paid? Does the Revenue Service really say, “These taxes really don’t have to be paid. We just want you to fear us by telling you they are required to be paid.”

How many people are exempt from paying taxes? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen people from non profit groups use tax exemption certificates to get out of paying sales taxes that are really due. When a minister buys a piece of furniture or an appliance for the parsonage, the exemption is used to avoid the sales tax. The same thing happens with any other group that wants to buy big ticket items. What power gives them the right to avoid taxes that I have to pay? If I buy a sofa for my house at $500.00, I have to pay $50.00 in sales taxes. If a church or assisted living organization buys the same sofa, they can avoid the extra $50.00. is this really fair?

If we are really going to solve our tax problems as a state, we need to first look at the entire revenue system. It needs to become a system that is equitable for all involved. At the same time, we need to look at what we are spending collected revenue on. Comrade Baldacci wants to consolidate the school systems and reduce administrative costs. That sounds like a good idea, but that is not the real intent of his plan. By taking cues from the Communist governments he has been cozy with, Baldacci actually intends to institute a centralized control. There will be tighter reins placed on what our children will be taught, and it will not be good. They will be taught more Socialist dogma, and will begin to fade away from being strong, independent thinking Mainers. They will become like students in most secondary and higher education institutes.

Many of the children I see today are so vastly different from children of forty years ago that I would wonder of the future of this state. They seem to be in large part more self centered, and under educated in common everyday tasks. As an example, I went to a fast food joint one day. The young girl behind the counter pressed the wrong key before giving my change back. Since the amount to be returned to me was gone, she had to count my change back. She was unable to perform this simple task, and had to ask her manager to do it for her. A simple math exercise, and this High School student was unable to perform it. By removing necessary local control and input to the educational system, our children are suffering because of it. There once was a time when teachers were held responsible for the education results in their classrooms. Poor teachers were replaced when results became unsatisfactory. This ability to guarantee results has been, and will continue to be diminished because of the unions special interest control. School consolidation is a bad idea, plain and simple.


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