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The Welfare train

Posted: 29/10/2007 in Uncategorized

I got to thinking the other day about all this crap going on in the political battles. Seems to me that most of the candidates are a bunch of con artists. They tell the voters what the voters want to hear and believe. But in reality, they are just looking for ways to increase the size of government and increase the level of control the government has on the taxpayers.

Take the welfare train for instance. Have you ever noticed that the stores seem busier around the first and the fifteenth of the month? Social Security and Welfare checks my friend. And I’ve noticed over the last few years that the people getting these checks are getting more and more demanding in their attitude to those of us that are paying their way along the toll road of life. Last Sunday as I was waiting to get in to work, a couple, and old lady and her husband, were standing there criticizing me because the store had the audacity to open later on Sunday. After all, they were paying our salary, we should be open when they need us.

I behaved myself. Much as I wanted to, I kept mt mouth shut. But this just serves to be an example of the seriousness of the danger of welfare. I don’t have a problem giving somebody a hand when they need it. I’ve needed it myself in the past. But I don’t believe Welfare should be considered a job, let alone a way of life. The politicians brag about how they all want a better America. They talk about how they want all Americans to have a better life.

What about a better America? What about a better way of life? I don’t see it happening. What I do see is a declining America. The value of the dollar is declining n the world market. Our power as a once great leader in the world is waning. The petty bickering and backstabbing the Democrats are engaging in just so they can make Bush look bad is destroying the confidence the world once had in us. We are no longer looked upon as a leader.

Instead of spending all those tax dollars on welfare and peon control measures, we should be spending it on improving our defense and infrastructure. That is what government is for. I don’t need a monthly check from the government to sit on my butt watching crap TV. And I don’t need to have my tax dollars going to some one else to do the same thing.

Instead of allowing all of our jobs to go overseas, we need to eliminate the welfare program and put people back to work. If a person isn’t getting a check from the government, they’ll have to get a job in order to pay rent and put groceries on the table. With an influx of people looking for work, all those call centers and manufacturers that are going off shore because they can’t get enough people to work will stay here in this country.


I remember growing up that some things were written in stone, and were not meant to be changed. Sometimes we had it a lot easier than we thought it was, and other times we made things harder than it needed to be.Take work ethics for instance.
Once upon a time if you were hungry,you worked.Nobody ran down to the welfare office and got food stamps,although today it’s a debit card, so you don’t have to be embarrassed about having to live off the taxpayers hard labor.There were times when a person needed assistance, and that assistance could be readily had.And it didn’t cost the taxpayer a dime.Today people are encouraged to use welfare as an alternative to taking care of themselves.
The main component of yesterday is sorely lacking in today’s society.That component is personal responsibility.The liberal leaders of today would have you believe that you can do anything you want to do, and it’s OK.That is because of the idea that the Government is responsible for the individual.Well, it’s not OK to do anything we want.
The reason I bring this up is a decision this past week by the Portland School Committees decision to allow access to children as young as eleven years old to birth control measures.What in hell are these people thinking?Come on now.Why are eleven year old kids even thinking about being sexually active?Because the Liberal educators want them to learn Young that they can do what they want.
In the four years I went to High School I can only recall one girl as being pregnant.I understand it’s become a rather common occurrence in even the middle schools today.But back then,we had a solid ethic position on how life worked.If a young couple screwed around and got pregnant,they got married.The boy would get a job,maybe two or three so they could have a roof over their head and food in their belly.They were responsible for what they did,even if it wasn’t right.
Today the welfare system and the medical care system work hand in hand at slowly eroding our values,right beside the educators.As i read through the growing list of contenders for next years election festival I don’t see a whole lot of choices that give me cause to feel good about the future of Maine.I read some reports this past week that showed a decline in several areas that lowers the State’s standing in this Nation even more.
The kids that are growing up are learning some morays that are best put in the closet.I think we should bring back some of the old ways,and put these kids to hard labor picking potatoes,just like I did,and everyone else I grew up with did.When you have to work hard for what you get,a stronger sense of responsibility becomes innate in everything we do.

same ole……

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Like I said, there really isn’t anything wrong with the Chinese economy, aside from the usual capitalist growing pains. The real problem we’re having in this country is the fact that the rest of the world is starting to have doubts about the future of this country.

With the turmoil being constantly stirred by the left wingers, the foreign powers are starting to have some doubts as to the sustainability of this great nation. Of course, most people are too cowardly to look at it that way, so they figure somebody else is at fault for our problems. It’s easier that way, isn’t it? We did learn that in school, after all. But blaming somebody else doesn’t fix the problem.

On an international basis, the rest of the world looks at our President, and sees the United States. For the rest of the world, the two are inseparable. When the President looks bad, we look bad. And when we look bad, the economy plummets. Right now, the liberals are causing significant dissension in Washington, and the result is that it appears as though Bush is not supported by the country. Because he doesn’t appear to have the support of the country, he appears weak. When he appears weak, the dollar becomes weak.

Prices are rising around the world on every product and service that can be sold or marketed. The cost of living keeps rising, wages need to keep rising to keep up, and the cost to manufacture goes up raising wholesale prices. To return things back to a normal rate of growth, we need to stop sniping and backbiting. Even if you don’t agree with the President, you at least need to support him. After all, he is the face of the American people.

I’m Back!

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I now have an internet hookup that is reliable, and ready to get to work again with my complaints.

I heard in the news this past week that that the cost of heating fuel is expected to exceed last years high by at least 16%. Not surprising when you consider the turmoil brewing under the Liberalis upturned noses. An email I read said that things were harder to get in China at the wholesale level because of the trouble with the economy there. Ain’t nothing wrong with the Chinese economy. They’re booming. We’re not. Heck, even the Canadian Dollar has passed the value of the US dollar.

When are people going to sit down, shut up, and find a solution to the terminal illness this country suffers from? We need to start working together as a country. More on that tomorrow.

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