The Welfare train

I got to thinking the other day about all this crap going on in the political battles. Seems to me that most of the candidates are a bunch of con artists. They tell the voters what the voters want to hear and believe. But in reality, they are just looking for ways to increase the […]

What happened to yesterday?

I remember growing up that some things were written in stone, and were not meant to be changed. Sometimes we had it a lot easier than we thought it was, and other times we made things harder than it needed to be.Take work ethics for instance. Once upon a time if you were hungry,you worked.Nobody […]

same ole……

Like I said, there really isn’t anything wrong with the Chinese economy, aside from the usual capitalist growing pains. The real problem we’re having in this country is the fact that the rest of the world is starting to have doubts about the future of this country. With the turmoil being constantly stirred by the […]

I’m Back!

I now have an internet hookup that is reliable, and ready to get to work again with my complaints. I heard in the news this past week that that the cost of heating fuel is expected to exceed last years high by at least 16%. Not surprising when you consider the turmoil brewing under the […]