The Welfare train

Posted: 29/10/2007 in Uncategorized

I got to thinking the other day about all this crap going on in the political battles. Seems to me that most of the candidates are a bunch of con artists. They tell the voters what the voters want to hear and believe. But in reality, they are just looking for ways to increase the size of government and increase the level of control the government has on the taxpayers.

Take the welfare train for instance. Have you ever noticed that the stores seem busier around the first and the fifteenth of the month? Social Security and Welfare checks my friend. And I’ve noticed over the last few years that the people getting these checks are getting more and more demanding in their attitude to those of us that are paying their way along the toll road of life. Last Sunday as I was waiting to get in to work, a couple, and old lady and her husband, were standing there criticizing me because the store had the audacity to open later on Sunday. After all, they were paying our salary, we should be open when they need us.

I behaved myself. Much as I wanted to, I kept mt mouth shut. But this just serves to be an example of the seriousness of the danger of welfare. I don’t have a problem giving somebody a hand when they need it. I’ve needed it myself in the past. But I don’t believe Welfare should be considered a job, let alone a way of life. The politicians brag about how they all want a better America. They talk about how they want all Americans to have a better life.

What about a better America? What about a better way of life? I don’t see it happening. What I do see is a declining America. The value of the dollar is declining n the world market. Our power as a once great leader in the world is waning. The petty bickering and backstabbing the Democrats are engaging in just so they can make Bush look bad is destroying the confidence the world once had in us. We are no longer looked upon as a leader.

Instead of spending all those tax dollars on welfare and peon control measures, we should be spending it on improving our defense and infrastructure. That is what government is for. I don’t need a monthly check from the government to sit on my butt watching crap TV. And I don’t need to have my tax dollars going to some one else to do the same thing.

Instead of allowing all of our jobs to go overseas, we need to eliminate the welfare program and put people back to work. If a person isn’t getting a check from the government, they’ll have to get a job in order to pay rent and put groceries on the table. With an influx of people looking for work, all those call centers and manufacturers that are going off shore because they can’t get enough people to work will stay here in this country.


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