There’s Smoke In The Air

Every one that knows me knows I am an avid freedom lover. I do not in any way approve of the course the state of Maine is taking. There is too much control from a Socialist dominated state government in Maine for my liking. One of the pet peeves I have been griping about is […]

Getting Steamed In Maine

This is one of the first video pieces I’m putting together. Getting Steamed In Maine is both a print and a video project. Ive pieced together old postcards and pictures purchased at flea markets and antique shops from around the area. The book won’t be ready until next year, but take a look at this […]

No Surprise on the Racino Vote

It’s no surprise that the Racino vote was defeated this week in the Maine voting round. While Mainer’s opinion vary widely as to the morality of gambling, the state has a secret it wants to keep from the voters of the Pine Tree State. You see, while not publicizing it, Comrade Baldacci and his Socialist […]

It’s Finally at $3.00 A Gallon

This is a picture of the Great Falls Balloon Festval. The balloons would gently descend to the river and kiss the surface while gliding along. Well, I predicted it long ago, but it didn’t happen when expected. I predicted that gasoline would be above $3.00 a gallon when back before Katrina wrecked havoc on the […]