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Every one that knows me knows I am an avid freedom lover. I do not in any way approve of the course the state of Maine is taking. There is too much control from a Socialist dominated state government in Maine for my liking. One of the pet peeves I have been griping about is the improper an unconstitutional practice of imposing taxes on purchases we make in other jurisdictions. The Federal Constitution makes no allowance for the states to impose tax or duties on another jurisdiction, but that is what Maine is doing when you pay taxes on product you have purchased in another state.

If that state wants to tax you while you are shopping in that state, fine. Go right to town with the taxes. An individual State has every right to levy taxes in that particular State. But not in another State. But the issue becomes worse when it comes to tobacco. It’s tough to get a really good cigar at a decent price in the State of Maine. There are not that many smoke shops that treat cigars as a specialty, so a lot of vendors are not all that cognizant of how to merchandise and care for the cigars they do carry. And they tend to carry a lot of the low end mass machine made, paper filled ones. I don’t care for them, myself.

So the tobacco dealers from out of state stopped shipping to Maine when the ‘cradle to the grave’ Socialists passed regulations controlling common carriers. Again in violation of Federal law. The carriers refused to comply with the regulations and because of this the retailers stopped shipping. And now we have to drive to the bigger towns and cities to get a decent cigar.

And don’t tell me they are concerned with our helth. They’re not. They only want to collect more taxes and place more controls on us. Thus moving us as a state ever so closer to slavery to the Socialist leadership we as a state have come to be somehow strangely enamored with. And now it has come to the Supreme Court. Let us hope that the Justices do the right thing and strike down this idiotic set of regulations that has been dumped upon us against our will.


This is one of the first video pieces I’m putting together. Getting Steamed In Maine is both a print and a video project. Ive pieced together old postcards and pictures purchased at flea markets and antique shops from around the area. The book won’t be ready until next year, but take a look at this short set of clips. Unfortunately I had to degrade the quality a bit to meet YouTube’s parameters. Enjoy the show, and let me know how you liked it.

It’s no surprise that the Racino vote was defeated this week in the Maine voting round. While Mainer’s opinion vary widely as to the morality of gambling, the state has a secret it wants to keep from the voters of the Pine Tree State. You see, while not publicizing it, Comrade Baldacci and his Socialist cronies want to keep all the revenue for themselves. More money for the state means that it can better control the public.

While nobody seemed to take much umbrage at having more centralized control over us in the for of school district consolidation, gambling has become an issue of hot debate. The State wants it. The Church’s and VFW’s want it. And the Tribal leaders want it. But what is “IT” exactly? IT is control. The Government tries to thwart private enterprise from providing income to those who need it the most. They do this by helping those groups opposed to gambling spread all of the downside rhetoric about it. Why? Because the state wants to keep all of the income in this state for itself.

Lottery ads abound where ever you go. Signs promoting gambling through the State Lottery program adorn almost every small Mom & Pop C=store as well as the chain stores and supermarkets. They certainly cannot believe gambling itself is evil. If they did, why would the State promote it? Because of the billions of profit that can be made through its promotion. When the Lottery started, the proceeds were to go to education. I ask the educators why they are in such financial straits with all of this money from the Lottery?

the answer has not been made. The Religious organizations are against having Casinos in the State because of the evil they promote by gambling. Yet Church organizations are a huge promoter of gambling by hosting Bingo and other games of chance. Gambling is Gambling, no matter what prize you are shooting for. They complain about how it will impoverish people, and take needed money away from poor people because they will become addicted to games of chance. I stood in line behind an elderly gentleman at a convenience store once.

All he did was complain to the woman behind the counter about how hard it was to make ends meet while living on Social Security. The complaints were founded on the higher cost of cigarettes. What did this guy buy? Forty dollars worth of cigarettes and one hundred dollars of Lottery tickets. When are the people of this State going to wake up and smell the hammer and sickle some people want to incorporate into our Sate flag?

This is a picture of the Great Falls Balloon Festval. The balloons would gently descend to the river and kiss the surface while gliding along.

Well, I predicted it long ago, but it didn’t happen when expected. I predicted that gasoline would be above $3.00 a gallon when back before Katrina wrecked havoc on the Gulf Coast. I firmly believe that if She hadn’t been an issue we would have seen these prices by Christmas of that year. Now that it’s here, I wonder what people will do to cope with the higher prices. Maybe this time we’ll learn our lesson. We had problems like this in the 70’s, remember.

Gasoline was incredibly high back then. I can remember taking a couple of church buses down to Boston for a concert. On the way back we had to stop for gas, and it was close to $3.00 back then in the greater Boston area. The stations were only taking cash, and you had to prepay. And they were limiting what you could get for quantity. As I recall, I put twenty dollars worth between the two of the vans. we were still running pretty empty, but it got us out of the city where I could get some gas for about seventy five cents less a gallon, and no limits on quantity.

So why am I bringing up a piece of a nearly forgotten past? Because the past is history, and history keeps repeating itself. This isn’t the first time that the price and availability of petroleum products in its many forms has been a serious issue. And each time it comes up, there is a glimmer of hope for mankind, though that hope becomes quickly snuffed, like a candle in the wind. (sorry, EJ)

After the seventies crisis we passed regulations and implemented programs to reduce our dependence on foreign oil and increase the efficiency and mileage of our automobiles. Remember the flurry of sales for those cheap little foreign imports? What ever happened to high mileage cars? Today we see more and more of the larger SUV’s on the road. They are great vehicles, but how many people actually need to be driving them? the smaller compacts are as safe on the road today, and the mileage is a lot better.

And then there is the mighty Hummer. That’s one of the most irresponsible vehicle on the road today. Why are they even allowed to be produced? Come on people, we need to stop the sniping and bickering and start working together. A lot of people seem to want to put the blame on our environmental ills on the Capitalists, but you know what? I don’t blame them. A person goes into business to make money, and the best way to make money is to sell people what they want.

As long as there is a market for these gas hogging road monsters, they’re going to be made. And they’re going to be sold. So if you want to protest and complain about this Global Warming Lie, don’t do it while driving around in an Escalade. It just makes you look stupid.