No Surprise on the Racino Vote

Posted: 09/11/2007 in Uncategorized

It’s no surprise that the Racino vote was defeated this week in the Maine voting round. While Mainer’s opinion vary widely as to the morality of gambling, the state has a secret it wants to keep from the voters of the Pine Tree State. You see, while not publicizing it, Comrade Baldacci and his Socialist cronies want to keep all the revenue for themselves. More money for the state means that it can better control the public.

While nobody seemed to take much umbrage at having more centralized control over us in the for of school district consolidation, gambling has become an issue of hot debate. The State wants it. The Church’s and VFW’s want it. And the Tribal leaders want it. But what is “IT” exactly? IT is control. The Government tries to thwart private enterprise from providing income to those who need it the most. They do this by helping those groups opposed to gambling spread all of the downside rhetoric about it. Why? Because the state wants to keep all of the income in this state for itself.

Lottery ads abound where ever you go. Signs promoting gambling through the State Lottery program adorn almost every small Mom & Pop C=store as well as the chain stores and supermarkets. They certainly cannot believe gambling itself is evil. If they did, why would the State promote it? Because of the billions of profit that can be made through its promotion. When the Lottery started, the proceeds were to go to education. I ask the educators why they are in such financial straits with all of this money from the Lottery?

the answer has not been made. The Religious organizations are against having Casinos in the State because of the evil they promote by gambling. Yet Church organizations are a huge promoter of gambling by hosting Bingo and other games of chance. Gambling is Gambling, no matter what prize you are shooting for. They complain about how it will impoverish people, and take needed money away from poor people because they will become addicted to games of chance. I stood in line behind an elderly gentleman at a convenience store once.

All he did was complain to the woman behind the counter about how hard it was to make ends meet while living on Social Security. The complaints were founded on the higher cost of cigarettes. What did this guy buy? Forty dollars worth of cigarettes and one hundred dollars of Lottery tickets. When are the people of this State going to wake up and smell the hammer and sickle some people want to incorporate into our Sate flag?


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