There’s Smoke In The Air

Posted: 30/11/2007 in Uncategorized
Every one that knows me knows I am an avid freedom lover. I do not in any way approve of the course the state of Maine is taking. There is too much control from a Socialist dominated state government in Maine for my liking. One of the pet peeves I have been griping about is the improper an unconstitutional practice of imposing taxes on purchases we make in other jurisdictions. The Federal Constitution makes no allowance for the states to impose tax or duties on another jurisdiction, but that is what Maine is doing when you pay taxes on product you have purchased in another state.

If that state wants to tax you while you are shopping in that state, fine. Go right to town with the taxes. An individual State has every right to levy taxes in that particular State. But not in another State. But the issue becomes worse when it comes to tobacco. It’s tough to get a really good cigar at a decent price in the State of Maine. There are not that many smoke shops that treat cigars as a specialty, so a lot of vendors are not all that cognizant of how to merchandise and care for the cigars they do carry. And they tend to carry a lot of the low end mass machine made, paper filled ones. I don’t care for them, myself.

So the tobacco dealers from out of state stopped shipping to Maine when the ‘cradle to the grave’ Socialists passed regulations controlling common carriers. Again in violation of Federal law. The carriers refused to comply with the regulations and because of this the retailers stopped shipping. And now we have to drive to the bigger towns and cities to get a decent cigar.

And don’t tell me they are concerned with our helth. They’re not. They only want to collect more taxes and place more controls on us. Thus moving us as a state ever so closer to slavery to the Socialist leadership we as a state have come to be somehow strangely enamored with. And now it has come to the Supreme Court. Let us hope that the Justices do the right thing and strike down this idiotic set of regulations that has been dumped upon us against our will.


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