Climate Change or Global Warming?

Posted: 12/12/2007 in Uncategorized
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There has been a lot of emotional pressure placed upon the people of Maine lately in the form of ‘supposed’ global warming threats. Many sources claim to have evidence to back up their theory that there is indeed a destructive trend towards the environment caused by humankind across the globe. They claim that man is causing this trend by producing a “greenhouse effect” in the upper atmosphere, thus increasing the carbon content and lowering the oxygen content of the air we breath. the most dire of these predictions claim that mankind may have less than 100 years to live if we don’t reverse the trend.

I tend to have a more conservative view of the affair. I believe that most of this is pure crap designed to bolster a segment of the liberal populations political position. If you pay attention to most of the hysteria surrounding these claims and the proposed solution, you’ll realize that most of the solutions rely on increased government control, higher regulatory costs, and a resulting re-distribution of the resulting wealth. Socialism at its best.

Most of the truly scientific reports do admit that there is a climatic change happening, but that it is merely cyclical in nature. The supporters of global warming claim that the ice caps are melting because of the damage being caused by an industrialized world. Some have further purported that the world has never been this warm before. Rubbish, I say. The world has been through more than one glacier/ice cap free period, and another one is coming. There is naught man may do to avert the inevitable. I try to live by the philosophy that there is a solution available to every problem mankind can invent. The question we should be asking is not, “what is the solution?”, but “what is the solution we are willing to pay for?”

When a scientist posits a theory, he, or she, will support that theory with empirical evidence, or data to provide proof of that theory. In last weeks Portland Press Herald, 6 December issue, a story was presented that intended to present as fact that Maine winters were becoming more severe due to global warming. Here was my response to that article.
“Here’s the real key to this so called story…”Environment America reported its findings around the country this week to coincide with a scheduled vote in Congress on regulating pollution that traps heat in the earth’s atmosphere. The organization’s Maine branch, Environment Maine, released the report and Maine highlights Wednesday and said the trend could continue and worsen without strong action to slow warming.” Forty + years ago when I was a kid we always had playable snow by Thanksgiving, and several feet of accumulation by Christmas vacation. In the 1607/08 winter it was so cold the Thames River froze over in London. Are winters getting more severe? I don’t think so. Not when you read historical accounts over the last few centuries. The soldiers who froze at Valley Forge would probably love the winters we’re having now. I think it’s time for these weather terrorists to stop blackmailing an innocent public, and go back to school and retake the courses they missed. Global warming? Did you know that the Northeast,as far as Newfoundland, and parts of Scandinavia once had Redwood trees growing here? And the Great Plains were once a Sub-Tropical forest? Global warming, no. Climate change? Yes. Climate change has been occurring for millenia, and will continue long after the weather terrorists cease to exist. We can’t change the cycles. Only learn to live within them.”
Climate change is a fact. It’s been happening for millenia. There is nothing mankind can do to stop the trend. We can, however, learn to accept and live within the boundaries this change presents. But we have to stop giving in to emotionally charged hysterics that are based on speculation and unsupported theories. If you don’t believe that the earth was once free of ice caps and glaciers, check out this article….

Do I make my point?

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