The oil Crunch

Posted: 12/12/2007 in Uncategorized
Headlines have been profligate lately in the desire to create panic over the current heating oil ‘crisis’. A recent headline touted by The Coastal Journal quotesMaine shaping up to be “front line” of oil crisis.” What I’d like to know is, exactly where is this crisis? The public was forewarned long ago that the price of heating oil would soon begin to rise to record levels. And just as predicted, it has done so.

There is no problem with the availability of the product, as stocks are higher than in previous seasons, so where’s the crisis?

People should have been stashing cash away to pay for this increase in the cost of fuel. That’s what planning is all about, being prepared. But instead, you have people running to the taxpayers of this country begging for handouts. And they complain because subsidies are down from last year.( $530 comp. to $595Ly)

According to the article, Sen. Snowe would like to see a more permanent, fully funded program to provide energy relief. Another Alphabet Program to raise taxes, increase government control and take more freedom from the American public? What is this one going to be called, I wonder.

Maine is a cold weather state. Anybody who has lived here through even one winter knows that. If you need oil or kerosene to heat your home, you need to set aside funds to pay for that heating. That is the responsible thing to do. If you are on a fixed budget, you need to allow for these increases and make accommodations for them.

But of course, that isn’t the Socialist way. For Socialism to work, the attitude, or need for personable responsibility must be removed from a society. Personal responsibility is the key to freedom, and the Socialists definately do not want freedom to be found.

So all these little programs that become passed onto law, and most of them are really unconstitutional by the way, do nothing more than make us ever more dependent on the Government to take care of us.

Slowly but surely, we are being enslaved one manufactured crisis at a time. Time will only tell whether we will wake up before it’s too late, if it’s not already.Elections are coming up for a new president next year, and our future is on the block. Pay close attention to what is going on. Don’t fall prey to emotionally charged threats and claims from the media and special interest groups. Research the issues and act on the facts, not by simply what some special interest group or person claims. And when a claim is made, look at the proposed solution, and see who benefits from that solution most.


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