The Fair Tax Concept

Posted: 17/12/2007 in Uncategorized
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There has been a lot of controversy over the years regarding taxes. Both income and sales taxes. And you can throw excise and hundreds of different use taxes into the frying pan as well. One of the more interesting proposals, and one that I support is the Fair Tax proposal of eliminating the National income tax and replacing it with a National sales tax. As far as I am concerned, a National sales tax is a win-win type of proposition. One of the biggest agents to stifle growth in this country is government intrusion or control. Eliminating the IRS will allow industry to more effectively grow, and pay out more wages.

A lot of people do not realize the extent or burden that is placed on employers with the current income and Social Security withholding scam Washington has snookered the country into supporting. But with the elimination of this part of the paperwork trail, the money they have been spending on supporting the government can go back into the business. You may not get a raise right away from it, but at least more people will be able to obtain employment. With more people working, the cost of welfare will go down. It’s a big subject, but Republican Candidate Mike Huckabee supports the Fair Tax initiative, and explains it pretty well in this short video……

I don’t know what Huckabee’s chances are for pulling off a win, but at the moment things are looking pretty good for him. At this stage of the race, I’m putting my money on this guy. I like what he stands for, for the most part. And he appears to be truly honest with his faith. A lot of candidates use the ‘Jesus’ platform to just try and garner votes from the evangelical segment of the population, but he seems dedicated to his faith.


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