The Truth About Global Warming!

Posted: 18/12/2007 in government control
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The truth is finally out. Global Warming is all about raising taxes. And do you know who’s going to pay for it? You got it, me and you. After years of trying to impose a Socialist One World Government on the Nations of the world, the terror of demise by being slowly poisoned by CO2 emissions becomes just another tax program. That’s right! Yet another way for the Socialists to suck money out of people to pay for their twisted plan of world domination. So I’m a crackpot, huh?

This article pretty well sums up my case. With heating oil at better than three dollars a gallon, the cost will only go up if this plan by the United Nations is bought into. The taxes will not be a visible tax on top of what you think you are paying, like a general sales tax is. It will be buried in the cost of the petroleum much like the excise tax is today on gasoline.

Maine is in a tight enough spot already. The last thing we need to be doing is making sure politicians in another country can live like royalty from our hard work. Taxes are necessary evils. They pay for the protection of the Country and the infrastructure elements. I say let’s ditch the UN. Maine doesn’t need another tax bill.


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