Is Maine Ready For $5.00 Heating Oil?

Posted: 24/12/2007 in government control, UN
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More and more I read about scientists beginning to come out of the shadows about the truth of Global Warming. The recent Asian farce the UN just played to the world brought out even more scientists who decry the false warnings of the Socialist left in their rush to develop new ways to tax industry and further destroy society. Take a gander at the latest on the summit…..

I’ve long contended that there was something sinister, something totally wrong about the claims made by the environmental organizations. Bush and his administration has been heavily criticized by the left this past week for his refusal to buy in to the planned “carbon emissions/credits program” proposed by the UN. In researching some estimated true costs of this program, it turns out the people of Maine, along with the rest of the Nation will pay dearly if the US caves into the latest One World Government scheme.

In my 17 December post I posted an article about the summit. In the article, a UN supporter by the name of Othmar Schwank, of Switzerland, was quoted as saying “Finally somebody will pay for these costs…” The article goes on to say that Shwank took great glee in saying the US and other developed nations should “contribute significantly more to this Global Warming fund.”

Further in the article, an Emma Brendal, of Friends Of The Earth Australia was quoted as saying “A climate change response must have at it’s heart a redistribution of wealth and resources.” True Socialism my friends. The UN wants to control the Earth. Every last one of us, and it will succeed by taxing us all into compliance with its goals. Global Warming is a FARCE. Al Gore supports it simply because he has heavy investments that will pay him very well as sales of the products and services his investments deal in as more sheeple buy into this garbage. By the way, is it just me, or is Al slowly morphing into Pizza the Hut?

Maine people are pretty cold this season. Oil heat prices are climbing on a weekly basis. At just over three dollars a gallon, many people cannot afford the cost. If this plan goes into effect, the taxes the US will have to pay to the UN will add well over one dollar to each and every gallon of heating oil you buy. The next time you have to put $600.00 into the oil dealers hand for two hundred gallons of fuel, remember that the taxes imposed by the Global Warming plan will have made that cost you $800.00.

The taxes to be imposed on a gallon of regular gas here in Maine will, if some predicted estimates are correct, Will add over two dollars per gallon. These so called Carbon Credits they keep bouncing around are actually dollar figures in the real world. I paid $3.07 per gallon the other day. As I was watching the numbers go around, I envisioned how much faster they would be going so much faster at the five plus dollar amount it would be if the UN had their way.

The smart thing for Maine to do would be to fight this with everything we’ve got. The coffers are being drained because of the Leftist programs we are already paying for. When are we going to wake up? More than 400 scientists with evidence to prove that Glabal Warming has no basis in fact were censored and ridiculed by the UN at the summit. The truth is more important than having to get media attention with the terror impied by the supporters of this bogus theory of Global Warming. We Mainers deserve to no what the truth is.

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