Missing Pieces

I got a few more pieces together on my harbor puzzle. The lobster boat and some of the piers are done too. Funny thing is, I can’t seem to find a couple of edge pieces that keep the whole puzzle inside it’s boundaries. Boundaries are important, you know. They’re the rules that keep all the […]

How’s It Going? Well, On The One Hand…

Well, on the one hand,Maine has a company building an increased presence here in the state. People on Medicare will be able to have better interaction with the company providing the service. But on the other hand, Medicare is a taxpayer funded health care payout. Well, on the one hand, the world realized just how […]

The Fight Continues

The puzzle of Maine will continue to be pieced together long after I am gone. It’s too bad, too. We once had a reason to be proud of ourselves. Fierce pride and an independent spirit that was once thought to be unassailable. That’s what Maine used to be. Whether you hauled lobster traps or a […]

The Maine Northwood’s Plum Puzzling Part IV

Over the last few days I’ve been comparing the state of Maine and the Northwood’s as a bit of a puzzle. I did that to show how even though we do not realize it, many things are connected as pieces in a puzzle to complete a picture. We often forget there is more to life […]

The Maine Northwood’s, Plum Puzzling Part III

Some people wonder why I am using the puzzle analogy in this discussion concerning Maine’s future and the Moosehead region. Why am I against an opportunity for development? Why do I wish to prevent these people that live in the area from having a chance to obtain employment? The answer is pretty simple. I’m not […]

The Maine Northwood’s, Plum Puzzling Part II

The puzzles coming along, slow but sure. I almost have the edges in place where they belong. You know, those red and green pieces actually belong on one of the sailing vessels in the harbor. I’m holding a fourth piece of the puzzle in my hands, but I’m not quite sure where this one goes. […]

The Maine Northwood’s, Plum Puzzling Part I

Have you ever noticed how many things in life seem to be just puzzling. Try as hard as you can and you can’t figure out what the answer is. Sometimes it’s exactly what you think it is, and other times the answer is so far from where you stand, you just can’t see it. Maine’s […]