Democracy in action? NOT!

Posted: 02/01/2008 in Uncategorized
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Here in Maine we have been treated recently to a show involving the NAACP and a seventy five year old man involving an alleged hate crime. I don’t know Mr.Sawyer, and I don’t really want to, but apparently he made some pretty serious threats against “any and all black persons attending a NAACP meeting.”

Here in Maine we hold an unusual position in that the state is largely unpopulated with many different ethnic groups. The larger cities and population centers certainly have a share of visible groups, such as the all encompassing ‘black’ designation, as well as Asian and Hispanic groups as well. But the problem, at least as I see it, is that ethnic classifications far exceed the simple skin type or color usually associated with bigotry.

We see from the reaction in Kenya to their election held over the New Year that Democracy is not as sure as one would presume it to be. Following the result of that election, massive rioting and destruction broke out because of dissatisfaction with the results. Cries of ethnic cleansing have arisen, and hundreds of people have been killed as a result, and the death toll keeps climbing.

Bigotry should not be an accepted practice in any country. Its presence prohibits a true Democratic society. All men were created equal by God, but it is up to mankind to see that we remain so. The African nations are still comprised of mainly tribal units, and this leads to much of the ethnic problems on that continent. For them, it is much more than a problem of skin color. It is a matter of family, association, and heritage. Hurdles that must be overcome in time if Democracy is to become assured.

As we prepare to embark on our own political circus train with this years elections, we need to keep in mind that Democracy is indeed a fragile thing. We have been free to hold elections for over two hundred years, and we need to remain free. Political thought has become muddled with threads of many differing views in America. Special interest groups control the process and the laws, further bolstered by a liberal mainstream media selectively sharing bits and pieces of what they want you to know.

Democratic elections when held in the truest sense of the word implies that both sides will stand by the outcome. When a person is elected into office, the nation as a whole should respect at least the position, even if they cannot respect the elected. While demonstrating dissatisfaction with the outcome is to be expected by the strongest of opposition parties, violence should not become part of the reaction.

The violence triggered from these elections doesn’t go very far to indicate that true democracy is welcomed in these nations.

As we ride the rails of the 2008 campaign train, please take the time to become fully informed. Do not simply take for granted that what the nightly news in their sound bites tells you is the whole truth. Explore and educate yourself in the issues that truly matter. Democracy is indeed a fragile thing. Only by retaining our freedoms may we remain free.


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