Wait Till Next Years Fuel Bill Comes….

Posted: 05/01/2008 in Uncategorized
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Well, we finally hit $100.00 a barrel for oil this week. And like dipping your toe in the water to see how cold it is, we’ll soon be putting the whole foot in, and then we’re in for good. If you’ve been following my ‘Oil Price’ feed at the bottom of the blog here, you know we are in for a sorry winter, and an even sorrier summer, if you like to drive.

We talk about he increasing cost of heating fuel, and that’s probably the worst of it. Here in Maine, it’s an essential product for survival. But what it also does is raise the coast of everything else. Things like basic services to the food we eat. The turmoil created by this latest drive by foreign nations to drive us to our knees is eventually going to cause extensive damage to this Nation. Increasing numbers of people are having to cut basic items in order to pay for heating oil.

Food costs will be increasing this year, possibly starting by the end of January. Some experts predict as much as a 4 to 5 percent increase in the first quarter of this year. The cost of higher oil means that farmers will have to pay more to run the vehicles used in their operations. trucking companies will have to charge more to cover the cost of moving produce to the processors and to the supermarkets.

Energy costs will be increasing to cover the costs of operating oil fired generators, which will be passed on to the consumer in the way of higher priced products, as manufacturing costs will increase. As long as we are dependent upon others, we will be a slave to the oil markets. We will be forced to pay the higher costs, or go without.

I strongly believe that we have not seen the worst in this rising costs dilemma. My predictions for the coming year for Maine are simple. We are going to pay more. Lots more. I feel as though we will be paying about $3.459 per gallon for regular unleaded gas about the third week of June. After the Fourth of July travel period, it will dip down slightly, but the creep back up, and by next Christmas, will be around $3.700 per gallon.

Depending on the outcome of the elections, the pricing for broad categories is harder to guess at. Food prices will continue to climb, both in the form of groceries and dining out as well. Heating fuels will continue to climb overall, being fairly stable over the summer months at somewhere around $3.30 per gallon for home heating fuel, but that will climb to About $3.90 per gallon in late November, possibly reaching $4.00 per gallon nearer Christmas. I’m guessing next winter will be a bit milder, lowering demand and keeping it in the vicinity of that price range.

But we are not going to learn. We have become too greedy as a Nation to change our ways. The ‘I’m better than you’ crowd will continue to flaunt their Hummers and Escalades and driving to their overpriced summer and winter home away from homes. Cheap imports will continue to be devoured, destroyed, and discarded. And people still won’t realize the real reason behind all of what is going on behind our backs.

The Socialization of America is creeping in under the rug, and the populace is oblivious to the fact that George Bush really isn’t behind higher oil prices. There are many things going on out there you should all be aware of. Take a look at this article that reveals how the Socialist Party of America is finally starting to show their true roots….

Socialists Emerging as Democrats, Republicans Lose Voter Confidence

Jan 3rd, 2008 7:09 AM

The socialist parties are emerging as a political force in American politics, addressing those issues that are important to millions of Americans and working people; ending the Iraq War, solving the nation’s health care needs, free education for college students, providing benefits for all veterans, protecting homeowners, creating affordable housing and providing for the needs of all working class people.

Stewart A. Alexander Socialist Party USA Nominee for Vice President

The entire article can be seen here…


Meanwhile, here in Maine, an AP article describes the opening of the Maine Legislative session. Beth Edmonds made it clear in her opening statements that there was going to be tax increases. Cuts were not going to be made. Socialization of Maine will continue. OK, she didn’t actually say that, but she did say that there will be increases and no cuts in the budget. That is the inference I got for the articles surrounding her speech anyway. Maine will be forging ahead on consolidation of school systems. In Socialist countries it’s called centralization of control. Fixing the education program so that your children will only learn what the dictator wants them to learn, you know. Comrades Castro and Chavez are good at that.

Maine is going to be digging itself further and further into the grave with this Legislature unless the people of Maine start taking back control of their lives. We need to start removing people from office that want more State run welfare programs and higher taxes to promote redistribution of wealth, and replacing them with legislators that truly care about reducing the cost of government and reducing the controls being layered upon our backs. Pay attention to the campaigns folks. Get involved. Learn about the issues. Read beyond the Liberal sound bites being fed to you on the evening news and find out the truth about what’s going on. And above all, get off your butt and vote. If you don’t, you have no right to complain about the higher prices for everything that is coming down the road this coming year.


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