Predicting history

Posted: 06/01/2008 in Uncategorized
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I made some predictions for the coming year but I am not the only one. One of the things I seem to find is an increasing number of analysts willing to come out and tell the truth about some of the stuff going on. Time is one of the best teachers we have, and I truly believe that things will begin to swing back towards the direction America was once headed on. But it’s going to hurt like hell, and be pretty darned expensive before that happens. People in states like Maine will begin to see what a mess we’ve made of the country by giving in to the ’60s hippie leaders of today and realize that what they truly want to do is turn the United States into a Socialist stronghold.

One of the things that irks me here in Maine is the readiness people have to criticize George Bush and his policies, but when put to task, not one of them can give a real, supportable reason for the way they feel. I have no problem debating valid points with anybody, but when a persons entire argument is fueled by thirty second news clips from the 6 o’clock news and the daily headline, I have to wonder if these people really know what they are talking about.

The war in Iraq continues to be hotly debated here in Maine, and many of the Liberal crowd would like to see the President impeached for violating the Constitution. If he actually violated the Constitution in a way that would be illegal, it should be an issue for Congress to investigate. I had no problems at all seeing Clinton go through the impeachment process. He deserved it. But what exactly has Bush done that violates the Constitution of the United States?

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Let me repeat here something I read recently that a General in The US Army wrote. Tired and battle weary, the General wrote of bitterness, and treachery behind the soldiers backs. People back in their homes sniping against the war. Complaining of it’s high cost and toll taken upon human life. The length of the war becoming onerous. He writes of the distress felt by his soldiers upon hearing of the lack of support, and the sometimes treasonous actions of others attacking the President in this Countries time of war.

The resultant mood of such a front was not relieved by what reached us from the rear. The long suffering, and helpless grief of homes; the long sore tried faith of the whole almost faltering…..newspapers jeering at the impotence of the army; self seeking politicians at the Capitol plotting against the President;hosts of spoilsmen at all points seizing advantage of the Country’s distress, enriching themselves out of the generous, hard earned offerings to meet her needs and repair her losses; cabal and favoritism in places of power, perpetrating a thousand injustices upon officers and soldiers of the field……

For those of you not familiar with the history of this great Nation, this piece was written by Maine’s one and only Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain in “Passing Of The Armies.” In the days of the Civil War, there were people, just as now, in opposition to the war being fought between the States. But over a century ago, faith in God and faith in Country amounted to the same thing. Principles do not change with time. Only how we see them does. The truth will ultimately be revealed about the happenings in the Middle East. We need to ask ourselves, which side of the truth do I want to sit on?


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