Oil On The Up & Up

Posted: 07/01/2008 in Uncategorized
The future of Maine is at risk in more ways than one today. In the face of a failing government in the form of the Democrat leaders in Augusta, and an impending disaster in the form of development by Plum Creek Timber, coupled with the increasing costs of energy, we could be in for a very tight decade to come. It will take some time before the average taxpayer in Maine will wise up to the fact that we are being taken for a ride by the left. School consolidation will centralize the educational opportunities for their children, taking the choice of what your child learns away from them.

Increasing health care costs will further exacerbate the situation. Our roadways will begin to show signs of severe deterioration, driving up the costs of transportation. Food costs are on the rise, with a 4-6 percent increase in this coming year alone predicted by analysts. Most of these costs are directly related in some form to the cost of a barrel of oil. As long as the demand exceeds the supply on the market, the price will continue to sharply increase.

Peaks and valleys will be the rule of pricing as consumers become angry, then accepting of the increases. But I don’t believe we will see it go back below $85.00 a barrel again. During the Summer lull, we may see a decrease towards that point, but as we get closer to the next heating season, it will rise again. And like this year, people won’t be paying attention to what the analysts are predicting, and there won’t be enough money for everyone to buy the fuel they need next winter.

But have no fear. Our Socialist politicians will figure out yet another way to tax us so our wealth can be redistributed to the less fortunate. They wouldn’t be less fortunate if they’d learn to plan for the future and take responsibility for their situations, would they? But it’s all out there in black and white, and sometimes in color, on the TV. Things are going to get worse. We need to prepare for the times ahead.

A lot of people put the blame on all this on George bush and his ‘cronies’ in the oil industry, but don’t forget, he himself warned the country a couple of years ago that we were too addicted to oil, and we were not going to be ready to meet the increasing costs. We have become too complacent. Too greedy and self centered with our wants and implied needs. Hummers and Escalades need to go, as well as our insatiable desire for power to consume.

With the signing of the new energy bill in Washington this week comes a new chance to redeem ourselves in the arena of energy independence. The average citizen can actually pitch in now by reducing the energy we use. Throw out those incandescent bulbs now, and replace them with high efficiency fluorescent bulbs. Don’t use the air conditioner unless you absolutely have to this summer. Insulate your home for the winter. Cover the windows with unsightly plastic if you have to, but cut your heating fuel consumption. Lower the thermostat and wear a sweater.

There are lots of things we can do here in Maine to reduce our energy usage. There is no excuse for not doing them. They’ll save money, and reduce our dependence on foreign nations for the oil we do use.


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