With the coming election, a lot of people are claiming that they are glad to see Bush go. There seems to be an almost superglue mentality connecting the Bush family with the huge increases in the price of oil. One woman told me that the only reason heating oil is over $3.00 a gallon is so he can line his pockets with the profits. This line of thinking is just plain stupid folks. I like to call it ‘trailer park’ mentality. Some liberal commentator on the six o’clock news blurts out an unsupported fact and it becomes instant truth. The facts do not support the claims of the largely liberal Democrat attacks on the Republican party members.

Lots of people like to find fault with the Bush regime, but don’t forget Bill ‘Bubba’ Clinton was going through a trial for impeachment just nine years ago. The liberal Democrat poster boy was a worse President than either of the Bush’s, and the facts back that up. Oil will continue to climb over the next few months, like I predicted in an earlier post,
Take a look at the history of the oil price increases since WWII…

An even more sinister dimension is beginning to creep out from under the rug. The Housing slump is beginning to have an entirely unexpected affect on the economy. Some analysts claim it is the worst downturn since the depression of the ’30s. Many markets are seeing price corrections of 30% or more in reduction of home prices today. The worst seems to be in Punta Gorda Fla. with a downturn of nearly 35%.

This will mean huge losses as homes are revalued for property taxes and result in struggling by communities to meet their budgetary needs. Lower values mean lower taxes. But the real harm will be felt by the investment community. Those who invest in real estate will incur huge losses, resulting in increased bankruptcy rates and foreclosures. These actions will in turn result in more bargain priced distress sales driving values lower. The cycle may continue to the point where we will not be looking at a deep recession in late 2009 to early 2010, but the beginnings of another worldwide depression.

Why is that important to Maine? For lots of reasons. With the huge development planned by Plum Creek for the Moosehead region, exorbitant houses will remain empty and unsold. Construction projects will remain unfinished. And the State will have invested millions in infrastructure improvements in the way of highway and bridge repairs, and new projects to support the increased population that will disappear as fast as they appeared, leaving us in the hole. Maine will suffer because the work will need to be paid for, but there won’t be any income to pay for it.

There are a lot of issues that impact how we live here in Maine, many of which we are powerless to do anything about. One way we can change that is to start taking back control of our destiny, our future. We need to stop following in the footsteps of people from away, like California, and make our own path. We need a fresh approach in the White House and in Congress. Look at the issues as election time draws closer. Which candidate will come up with the best answer for Maine and the Nation? My money is still on Mike Huckabee. He has some strategic initiatives that could very well put us back on track as being the greatest Nation on Earth.

Bad times are ahead, there is no doubt about it. Years ago I predicted that things will drastically change for this country, and the world by 2012. With the right actions by the US, I will be proved wrong. I hope so.


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