The Plum Creek Decision vs. Unintended Consequences

Posted: 19/01/2008 in Uncategorized
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In the current controversy surrounding the proposed ‘master concept plan’ as put forth by Plum Creek Timber, several items are strategically ignored in the draft. I’ve already demonstrated in earlier posts that Plum Creek has no desire to be a responsible neighbor. Too many things are not addressed in this grand plan of theirs. Too many scenarios that could develop with disastrous results, not only for Greenville, but the whole of Maine as well.

In a similar manner to this story below, Maine is on the verge of allowing people from away to be in control of the dice. They have no vested interest in the state of Maine beyond what the profits their lucrative business brings them. And when the profits are dried up, so won’t Plum Creek’s presence here in Maine. Gone, leaving us to fix the problems their operations have caused.

And what kind of condition will the Greenville area be left in when the wealthy out of stater’s stop coming to Moosehead? Plummeting land and home values? Infrastructure left to decay and fail because the citizens of Greenville cannot pay the costs of upkeep? Before allowing any kind of concept plan to be implemented, we need to be sure that the permanent interests of the people of the region, and Maine as a whole are attended to. We cannot afford to be left sitting on a ghost town, just so a few people can make some quick bucks in construction. When the construction boom is over, what kind of employment will be left for the workers? What kind of jobs will the children of Greenville be able to look forward to?

The LURC is having their last public hearing on the Plum Creek proposal today in the town of Greenville. My fervent hope is that enough people who oppose the project will be able to convince the LURC that Plum Creek is not right for Maine. Too many people, to much wildlife, too much of the environment will be altered in irrevocable ways if the concept plan that Plum Creek has presented is approved. We need to be looking at the future of Maine.


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