How’s It Going? Well, On The One Hand…

Posted: 30/01/2008 in Uncategorized
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Well, on the one hand,Maine has a company building an increased presence here in the state. People on Medicare will be able to have better interaction with the company providing the service. But on the other hand, Medicare is a taxpayer funded health care payout.

Well, on the one hand, the world realized just how dependent they are on America’s presence in the world. But on the other hand,our sub prime debacle sent the worlds economy into a tailspin,nearly flaming out of control.

Well, on the one hand Bush and Congress worked together for a change, and developed a package to stimulate the economy. But on the other hand,the Senate is doing their best to bung it up and delay implementation of the bill. Either way, you and I are still going to be paying for it.

Well, on the one hand Bush gave his final State of the State address,without presenting any earth shattering plans or developments, sealing his legacy as just another President.But on the other hand, it means we get to go through several more months of political ads,spitting out attacks and innuendos by candidates who don’t want you to see the little man behind the curtain.


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