The Fight Continues

Posted: 30/01/2008 in Uncategorized

The puzzle of Maine will continue to be pieced together long after I am gone. It’s too bad, too. We once had a reason to be proud of ourselves. Fierce pride and an independent spirit that was once thought to be unassailable. That’s what Maine used to be. Whether you hauled lobster traps or a hand-line, harvested potatoes, raised cows or worked in the woods, your job was yours. You put food on the table and kept a roof over your head.

But not so today. Maine has changed. And not for the better. This issue over the Plum Creek ‘lake concept plan’ won’t be the last to be presented. Especially if the LURC approves the plan, which I believe they may have made their mind up about a long time ago anyways. Instead of blazing our own path, we allow people from away to call the shots. From simple corporate policy to state legislation, the earmarks of the way we live here in Maine are gone.

I’ve been in every part of the state, so I can vouch for the varied world we live in. Rich and poor alike are affected by the changes taking place here in Maine. Rising fuel and food costs are mixing in with the real estate downfall, placing us in a recessive climate, economically speaking. I have spoken out against this proposal for the Moosehead Lake region for many reasons. And I firmly believe it will be to the detriment of the state to allow this plan to go forward. Many people have been against my position, but I refuse to change my stance on the issue.

Even though certain publications appear to have dropped my news/alert accounts because of my speaking out against the powers that be, I will continue to fight and speak out against this incursion from away. The Plum Creek proposal may be a dead issue as far as the general media is concerned, and in fact it may be so, but until someone can convince me that I am wrong on the issue, I’m staying in the ring. Developments of this sort are not in the best interests of the state of Maine. Too often we look upon the wilderness as plots of land. Areas bounded by lines drawn on a map that pen us in, or keep us out.

But wildlife doesn’t adhere to human desires. Their world is habitat, not land. Unless we change the way we look at Maine’s growth, there will continue to be a decline in the available habitat for many species that depend on their world remaining free from human encroachment. Political infighting and greed needs to be put aside, and it needs to be done now. We need to take care of the needs of one special interest group that has no spokesman. That group is wildlife. While the animals and plants of this state do not pay taxes, they have the right to be protected, just the same as any other special interest group.

Please take some time to look around at what is happening in Maine. Find a way to participate in the maintenance of these precious habitats. Many are disappearing, and will never return. The species that need these areas are disappearing along with them. I intend to continue on until the end, no matter how close that end may be.


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