Do yourself a favor, crank the volume waaaay up.

That’s right folks, hold on tight to your dreams!

Hold on tight to your dreams, because the stormy dawn is coming, and they may well be all you have left. Maine, all alone on the northeast corner of the US, seems to be falling under the spell of a foreign body. There once was a day when Mainers were proud to be stubborn individualists, unwilling to bow before anyone. But today, we follow along to the popular tune, keeping beat to the pipers seductive tune.

The tune of tax and spend, that is. Like I mentioned yesterday, the service sector industries are getting sucked down the you know what, and all the associated industries will be following suit. Trucking will probably be one of the next industries to portend bad news. With a reduced economy, people will be less likely to spend, which means slower sales in the retail market, which we’ve already started to see, check back to early January for sales results of the major chains. The various CEO’s tried to paint a pretty picture, but we really know how bad things are. Even if we don’t choose to admit it.

Many of the major chains are already scaling back expansion plans. New store openings have been cancelled or delayed, and some ordering has been reduced already as well. The housing bust was just the beginning of the ride to economic hell we’ve started on. To place the future of Maine on the hopes and dreams of a few people that have a tainted view of what these industries can do for us is one of the worst things we can allow at this time.

Before long we will start to see the real trickle affect that the economy has on everybody, and you can thank your credit cards for the results. Baldacci and his liberal cronies in Augusta are bent upon destroying what’s left of the state of Maine through excessive entitlement programs, and are taxing everything that breathes to be able to support their habit. The airplane tax is a glaring example of the duplicity of the governments need to keep picking our pockets. Called a Use tax, it still amounts to a sales tax, and the administration seems to feel as though the Constitution allows them to collect this tax from unsuspecting victims.

Next thing you know, your friends and relatives are going to be receiving tax bills for their automobiles when they come visit from out of state. The principal is the same, so why not? We dream of having a life filled with possessions and ease, but what is the real cost? Wide screen TV’s, huge SUV’s, pools, summer homes, ATV’s and a multitude of things we really can live without. But we want them bad enough that we are willing to sell our very souls to the credit card industry. Just so we can relax.

So who’s relaxing now? Well? Are you? I’m not, and I don’t know anybody who is. Maine is in a sorry state of being. Most of our wealth producing industries are gone, replaced with call centers and service companies that will soon be closing their doors due to a lack of business. Baldacci speaks with pride of the companies coming into the state. Is he for real? These businesses do not sustain an economy, and more often than not, take flight when the tax breaks and free rent are gone. Where did these businesses come from, and why did they leave where they were?

Why aren’t we, as a state, addressing the decline of industry in this state? Why are we at the top of the lists of negatives, and at the bottom of the lists of positives. Why are we punishing companies for growth and providing opportunities? And most importantly, why are we double taxing the population every chance we get? Don’t think I’m right?

Look at it from this perspective; We grow up and get a job. We make an income. We get taxed for that income. We buy a car and home and other stuff, like that useless 52” TV bolted to your wall. You are taxed on those purchases. You are paying taxes for spending money that you’ve already been taxed for. Double taxation.

Dreams are the things the future is made of. Sometimes dreams come true, sometimes they do not. But whatever your dream was, it’s certain to change over the next couple of years. Accroches-toi a ton reve my friends.

Hold On Tight; ELO
Hold on tight to your dream

Hold on tight to your dream

When you see your ship go sailing

When you feel your heart is breaking

Hold tight to your dream.

Its a long time to be gone

Time just rolls on and on

When you need a shoulder to cry on

When you get so sick of trying

Just hold tight to your dream


When you get so down that you cant get up

And you want so much but you’re all out of luck

When you’re so downhearted and misunderstood

Just over & over & over you could

Accroches-toi a ton reve

Accroches-toi a ton reve

Quand tu vois ton bateau partir

Quand tu sents — ton coeur se briser

Accroches-toi a ton reve.

Repeat chorus:

Hold on tight to your dream

Hold on tight to your dream

When you see the shadows falling

When you hear that cold wind calling

Hold on tight to your dream.

Oh, yeahHold on tight to your dream

Yeah, hold on tight…To your dream.


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