Carbon Footprints Made By Nature

Posted: 09/02/2008 in Uncategorized
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A puzzling piece of Maine politics places us in the position of throwing our tax dollars towards an interesting, brand new sport called carbon trading. The precept of this scheme is that firms that produce excessive amounts of carbon exhaust can trade credits with people who produce lower levels of emissions, reducing th e amount of CO2 in the atmosphere. Load of crap, actually.

What this scheme will produce is another way for the Socialists to participate in the business of redistribution of wealth, and increase our tax burden and cost of living. The percentage of particulates in the atmosphere the global warming crowd is talking about is miniscule. To have any real effect on changing the temperature of this planet, CO2 would have to increase to levels above 2.0% of total atmosphere. The numbers thrown around are at maximum

We exhale CO2 in the process of breathing. Should we stop breathing?CO2 is vital in the growth cycle of plant life. A tree will intake CO2 and process it as a nutrient, and create oxygen, which is vital to all.Recent studies have shown that an increase in the levels of CO2 actually contribute to healthier plant life. They grow longer, stronger, and bigger when exposed to the higher levels of CO2.

The biggest culprit for the manufacture of hazardous contanimants in the atmosphere is indeed, old mother nature herself. In the natural process of developing this plan, volcanoes prduce hundreds of times more pollutants than mankind does every year, but no one seems to be addressing this factor in all of these bogus global warming models that seem to be floating around.

At any given time, there may be as many as twenty or more active volcanoes spewing forth their supply of pollution laden ash into the atmosphere. But, since we can’t charge them a fee, or tax, I guess they really don’t matter, do they? It’s important for the people of Maine to investigate these claims of global warming.While there is indeed a climate chage effect, as there has been since the creation of the planet, mankind is not the villian some would have us believe.Do we do stupid things and poison the air we breath?Of course we do.And we need to find a way to break this cycle of greed and destruction by selfish individuals and corporations.But we also need to do this in an intelligent manner, based on facts, and not emotion.Emotion is a valuable tool. but it needs to be tempered by facts,or problems will result from actions taken on those emotions.

We need to remember that these volcanoes are an ever present neighbor,and take into account the amount of contribution they provide to the world environment.The latest eruption, Mt. Tungurahua, caused three thousand people to be evacuated in Ecuador;

Less than a week earlier, Southern Chile’s Mt. Llaima erupted spewing forth lava and ash,causing at least ten earthquakes.

The week before that was Mexico’s Mt. Popocatepti;

And Hawaii’s Mt Kilauea was the week before that.

I could go on and on with videos and articles, but volcanoes are erupting every week at some place on this planet.


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