Something Fishy This Way Comes……

Here in Maine, we have had, historically, two groups at constant loggerheads with each other over the lake and river habitat. For decades now, some environmentalists have wanted to eliminate all of the dams and manmade obstructions on our waterways, and return things to their primal state. Or as close as can be done, at […]

Another Flame Goes Out In Maine

Another flame dies in Maine. As of now, the sale of novelty lighters have been banned in the great state of Maine. Further enhancing the ill conceived notion that the government will be responsible for us, Baldacci has signed an emergency bill into law, making the legislation effective immediately, instead of having to wait ninety […]

Preserving Environment, Preserving History

What with the World Water Day just passed and all, there seems to be a flurry of water related articles floating around. Many areas are covered, such as surface pollution, acid rain, well contamination and so forth. So to think that there is anything new under the sun would be ridiculous, correct? Well, not really […]

Bottling Maine’s Environment

22 March is the day the UN and its supporters celebrate “World Water Day,” a global event to call attention to the worlds precious water supply. Bottled water has become a huge industry across the globe, but just exactly how does the industry affect Maine, and why should we curb the practice of drinking bottled […]

Bits of News…

An interesting article concerning upcoming events in the electrical generation industry. I wonder how this is going to affect the suggestion by Baldacci about leaving the NE grid coalition. It’s funny how the majority of the population sits around complaining about how things are, expecting the government to bail them out, or save them somehow. […]