Plum Creek, Global Warming And selling The State of Maine..

Posted: 14/03/2008 in Uncategorized
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Plum Creek Timber popped back into the news headlines (sort of) this past week again. The LURC has announced that they would like to finalize the answer on their infamous “Lake Concept” plan for redeveloping of the greater Moosehead Lake area. I’ve seen a couple of op eds that claim that the State should approve the plan, because denying it would lead to more bad press for the State. Some people just don’t pay attention.

Like I have mentioned in previous articles and comments, the fairy tale Plum Creek is presenting is not theirs, and I doubt if they intend to keep up their end of the bargain. One of the plus items promoted is the access the public will have to the developed areas and easement lands. They said the same thing in Montana, but a great deal of the land is being locked up behind closed gates there. I’ve noticed in a couple of articles in the Missasoula papers that some of the people buying the lots from Plum Creek(PC) and The Nature Conservancy (TNC) have posted their property against trespassing of any kind.

There seems to be an interesting trend in all of this land acquisition the TNC is brokering. Largere and larger tracts are being combined into huge areas of wilderness, and when the areas get big enough, access is cut off. Wonder why?

Watch this video concerning Al Gores claims about the CO2 output from

This farce known as Global Warming has taken a solid root here in Maine, in spite of the fact that there ain’t no fact behind it. I’ve become just as interested in this as I am about the PC/TNC land grab deal going on up in Augusta. Watch here for bits and pieces of the truth about the issue. Maine is getting screwed once again because we don’t want to address the facts of an issue. Whether talking about climate change or welfare, people stand on one side of the dance hall or the other. It’s about time some of you people started dancing with each other. This Carbon nonsense being preached by the left is a bunch of nonsense, but that doesn’t mean we should stop caring about the environment.

Because we rush into the fray we are causing some severe damage by some of these untried, and un-perfected solutions many wish to promote. Take the Bio fuel issue for instance. Numerous refineries are being built to process the product, and some of the waste is simply, and illegally, being dumped into places it shouldn’t be dumped. It may be natural and green, but it can kill, just like any other waste. Instead of looking for ways to put more people on the welfare rolls, the government should have been looking at legislation to deal with all of these new problems. If they had, the problems wouldn’t be problems.

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