Another UN Scheme, and Legalized Gambling In Maine?

Posted: 19/03/2008 in UN
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This article relates the news about the grants given out to help cover the costs of the new “Telemedicine” initiative. Maine received $24.7 million, more than any other state. Of course, what nobody seems to want to tell you, but I will, is that this telemedicine initiative is actually the brainchild of the UN. They feel as though it would help them to monitor more closely the worlds health situation. Feel free to download the PDF about the project at It’s an interesting read. Maine, as usual when it comes to embracing Socialism is, of course, at the forefront of the drive to implement this, and other UN schemes.

In another bit of news, Maine announced that the nations first online donation scheme to allow candidates easier funding from the public in their districts. Under Maine law, the clean election fund requires candidates to prove support by collecting a certain minimum amount of $5.00 donations. This new option will provide a vehicle for more of those donations to be collected. But it begs a question. Isn’t online gambling illegal in Maine?


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