Leaving Glen Affric For Plum Creek

Posted: 04/04/2008 in Uncategorized
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I’ve composed a short video of how I feel regarding the western Maine mountains, and any efforts to create any mass developments here in Maine. I predicted last fall that if Plum Creek Timber was allowed to go forward with their plans for the Moosehead region, the rest of Maine would follow suit.

Already, and Italian developer plans to turn 3,000 acres of Schoodic Point along the beautiful Maine coast into a high end resort, with golf courses, condos and more. And there are rumours that Irving will be following suit as well in the next couple of years.

Do we really want to turn our state into an endless series of resorts and hotels, with golf courses and ski areas the only dividing lines between them? Our children will have nothing to look forward to but menial service sector jobs, telemarketing, and part time retail opportunities.What are we coming to?

About This Video….
In the darkness of the night, a large swath of black ribbons the northeastern part of America. From a satellite, the land glitters with light as civilization twinkles from dusk to dawn, keeping the dark , and all it holds, away.In Maine, this last wilderness is little more than prey to wolfish developers.

This stretch of wild habitat needs to be protected. While looking at photos from around the world, I noticed how much the Western Maine mountains, from New Hampshire to Katahdin and beyond, were very much akin to the highlands of Scotland.As the woods recede, falling victim to people from away, looking for vacation homes they can brag about, our heritage and environment recedes with them.

Long gone are the stately Mast Pines that fueled Maine’s first logging industry, to be replaced by farm grown seedlings, planted in tidy little rows. And as the woods of Maine change, so change the people of Maine.

Our morays, our history, our way of living, rearranged into tidy little rows of condominiums and discount mall shopping.

The last bastion of wilderness in the northeast needs to be protected, preserved and kept safe for those who follow in our footsteps, as a reminder of what was once before.

This video contains assorted images from around the web. My apologies if I have offended anyone by their use. The tune is called “Leaving Glen Affric” by Finlay M. MacCrae and Phil Cunningham. It is a beautiful tune, well fitted to the Highlands of Scotland, and equally well to the Highlands of Maine.

My heartfelt thanks go out to every artist who provided this material, and I hope it may be spread as a message of the importance of preserving our environment as well as our heritage.

Please enjoy the video, and feel free to share as you may.

I will leave the video in the left hand column for a while should you wish to come back to it.


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