Drinking Soda Increases Your Carbon Footprint…..

Posted: 19/04/2008 in UN
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What are you talking about!, you are asking the screen in front of you. (You are too, I know you are!)

I’m Talking about your carbon footprint. That’s the amount of CO2 you pump into the atmosphere dutifully contributing to the catastrophic destruction of mankind. You see a lot of articles and references in the news about all these huge corporations and how much CO2 they are emitting into the atmosphere. Do a Google search on it. You’ll run into tens of thousands of references on the subject.

But for now we’ll touch upon the ludicrous notion that the world can become carbon neutral simply by using alternative energy sources like bio-fuels and other things, and by reducing your own personal carbon footprint. Talk has been pretty rampant here in the US because the supporters of the UN marketed theory of Global Warming. If you do not wish to read through all of my blogs addressing the CO2 issue, here’s the ending, but you’ll have to read em all to find out the whole story. The bottom line is that your Carbon Footprint has more to do with taxation than it does with what the doom mongers are calling Global Warming. Already countries are beginning to wonder and question the validity of these rehashed studies that don’t seem to contain any recent data, or corroborating evidence to support the claims.

But getting back to our personal carbon footprint, and why we’ll never be able to seriously reduce, we need to understand what CO2 is and where it comes from. And more importantly, how many ways do we unknowingly emit CO2 on a daily basis. Carbonated soft drinks are just one of the many products that emit CO2. That’s what all those tingly little bubbles are in that glass of so you may have just finished, or maybe are drinking right now.

And it doesn’t matter which brand of soda you drink, they all emit about the same levels of CO2. The folks at Coca Cola, PepsiCo, Crown Cola, Moxie, Sprite, Seven Up and all the other carbonated drink manufacturers are in the same boat. You open a bottle of soda, you emit CO2 into the air. Diet or non diet makes no difference. An interesting and fun link that explores this subject more fully is at the Eco Geek Blog at Eco Geek, subject Carbonation and Global Warming;

But the fun doesn’t end there, there’s lots more we need to give up if we’re going to reduce our personal Carbon Footprint. Are you old enough to drink alcoholic beverages? If you are, along with giving up soda, you’ll want to give up drinking alcoholic beverages as well. You see, alcohol is a fermented liquid, caused by the action of yeast when it ferments the sugar. So if you drink a little booze, you’re contributing to Global Warming by increasing your CO2 usage and emissions.

Oh, and that’s right too! When bread is baked, yeast is put in the dough, and the dough reacts against the sugars in it to create the CO2 that causes the bread to rise. So I guess we’ll have to give up eating bread as well if we wish to reduce our carbon footprint. Oh, and here’s another really neat product we have to give up; those self heating coffee and hot chocolate drinks. Those are the ones where you tip them over and press the little bubble so the liquid drains into the inner core of the lining.

What happens is that the liquid reacts with the limestone in the lining of the can, and heats it up creating CO2 as a byproduct. Most of it is contained inside the can, but eventually the can will degrade and emit the stores CO2. Seems like a lot of the food industry relies on CO2 to provide us with plenty of fun food products doesn’t it? And check this one out, do you like frozen foods, as well as fresh chilled foods? Well, dry ice is the main product often used to quickly chill and freeze fresh vegetables and meats. It’s pretty cold stuff. But what is dry ice? Heh, heh, heh, its frozen CO2, that’s what it is. That fog you see rising from dry ice is actually CO2 vaporizing into the atmosphere. And guess what the kicker is to this one. Dry Ice is what is used to keep donated organs safe during transport. So. I guess there won’t be any more organ transplants, unless you don’t care about this CO2 danger that’s causing global warming.

And for you party animals, those fog machines you use for your dorm parties run off of CO2 as well, so no more parties, please. And while we’re on the subject of fun, those little cylinders you buy for the paintball guns and whatnot? CO2 baby! Put the guns away if you want to reduce that footprint.

Here’s another one to give up. Decaffeinated coffee! What! Say it ain’t so. I could, but I won’t. CO2 is used to separate caffeine from the coffee bean. So when you are driving to work, you’ll need to pull into the drive through and order regular coffee. But make sure of what you are using as a refrigerant in that car. Thanks to the efforts of environmentalists, refrigerants containing HFC’s have been banned form use in air conditioning equipment. Guess what the researchers have found as an ideal refrigerant replacement for that AC in your car? You got it, CO2! If you happen to have even a tiny leak, some of that awful CO2 may help kill off the entire population of the world. But you should get the point by now. There simply is no way to establish a net zero CO2 level, unless we die.

Even if we were to get rid of industrialization and revert back to the dark ages, we’d still be emitting higher levels of CO2 than the natural environment would do. Even the simple act of plowing a field increases the CO2 emissions. The dirt under your feet contains CO2, and when the earth is disturbed, CO2 is emitted into the atmosphere. It’s a classic lose, lose, lose situation. The scam artist put three walnut shells and one pea on the table. The scam artists put the shell under one of the overturned shells, and in a blur of motion mixes them up. You win if you pick the one the shell is under. But what you don’t see is that the scam artist pocketed the pea. There is no pea under any shell.

And this is what is happening with the IPCC farce surrounding global warming. A good source to explore the facts surrounding CO2 is at www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carbon_dioxide. Some of the facts don’t quite jibe with other sources, but we must bear in mind that Wikipedia is an open source site, and nearly anyone with an account can edit and change entries. But what I have found is that much of the predictions and models presented to bolster the claims of global warming are actually based on seemingly flawed computer models and bits and pieces that taken alone support their claims. An article at News Busters, http://newsbusters.org/node/12737. from May of last year discusses this aspect in more detail.

The whole issue of whether CO2 emissions created by man is causing Global Warming is full of holes and hot air. Sometimes I have to wonder if maybe this IPCC science panel may have been headed by Dr. Who. But let’s look at what the US’s own scientists have to say about it at an article here; http://volcanoes.usgs.gov/Hazards/What/VolGas/volgas.html. They spend a moment supporting the errant claims of the IPCC, almost copying one of their advertising slicks word for word, but they also state one of the most important facts about CO2 that blows these claims of the IPCC out of the water. CO2, as a gas, is heavier than air. Our own scientists state this simple fact, and yet in the same document agree that CO2 gas is a contributing cause of global warming. Another place to learn more of the truth is at; http://www.john-daly.com/index.htm. and at; http://www.john-daly.com/ipcc-co2/ipcc-co2.htm.%20CO2 is the pea under the shell, that was actually slipped into the pocket of the scam artist.

Since CO2 is heavier than air, how does it accumulate to a degree large enough to cause this reflectivity action the theory of global warming also cites? The answer is that it doesn’t. There is some accumulation in the upper layers of the atmosphere, but it lacks the properties needed to be a factor in the reflection and trapping of heat. Another, and even more common and necessary compound is responsible for that action. Its scientific name is H2O, which we all know as water.

An excellent article by a Dipl-Ing. Heinz-Thieme, addresses the thermodynamic relationship of the issue surrounding CO2 and its reflective abilities. The article can be found here; http://www.geocities.com/atmosco2/.htm. Many stories and studies relate to the near earth affects of accumulated CO2 in pockets around high producing areas, namely volcanoes and hot springs, upon living creatures, but there is no verifiable evidence that CO2 accumulates to a degree high enough to cause the damage the Global Warming activists claim.

My take on the issue is this; By escalating the hysteria over global warming, which in actuality is an ongoing part of the cycle of climate change, attention and emphasis can be placed on the major industrial producers of CO2 through emissions of energy and manufacturing facilities. They have put in place a scheme to levy taxes upon these corporations in the form of Carbon Credits, which can be traded to developing nations, resulting in a redistribution of wealth.

By emphasizing the taxation of faceless corporations, the individual, believing that Global Warming is a serious threat supports this taxation, not realizing the corporations merely pass the costs along to the individuals who consume the products these corporations create, whether that may be electrical power or plastics for babies new high chair.

The unfortunate end result in clinging to this errant theory is that at some point, some analysts predict it will take another ten years or so, the public at large will come to realize that little pea was in the Scam Mans pocket all along. But the real damage will have already been done. Overregulation and over taxation will have severely decimated the world’s economies, and large portions of the world as we know it will have come under the domination of the UN, and be subject to there every whim and wish. And sadly, the environment will become a forgotten neighbor and ignored, scorned and destroyed. People in twenty years will look upon us today as we look back at the “green” hippies of the 60’s and early 70’s. And all the good being accomplished today will be undone.

This week the Allagash Wilderness Waterway was placed at number eight on the Nation’s most endangered waterways list. It is there because in fact, we do scorn the “green” hippies, and have forgotten what their message was. Live simply, to simply live.

Revalation 13:14,15

because of the signs he was given to do on behalf of the first beast, he deceived the inhabitants of the Earth. He ordered them to set up an image in honor of the first beast who was wounded by the sword and yet lived.15 He was given power to give breath to the image of the first beast, so that it could speak and cause all who refused to worship the image to be killed


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